God’s Word | Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth

Almighty God says, “The work of the last days is to separate all according to their kind, to conclude the management plan of God, for the time is near and the day of God has come. God brings all who have entered His kingdom, that is, all those who have been loyal to Him to the end, into the age of God Himself. However, until the coming of the age of God Himself, the work that God shall do is not to observe the deeds of man or to inquire into the life of man, but to judge his rebellion, for God shall purify all those who come before His throne. Continue reading “God’s Word | Christ Does the Work of Judgment With the Truth”


The Best Gospel—“Pigeon” Mail


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Su Jie, China

One day in 1999, after the meeting had ended, the pastor said to me, “Su Jie, here is a letter for you.” As soon as I saw it, I knew that it came from the church I established in Shandong. I took the letter and on the way home, I thought as I walked: This letter is so thick, could it be that they have encountered some difficulties? …

When I got home, I couldn’t wait to open the letter and saw that it said: “Sister Su, peace be with you in the Lord! I am writing to tell you some great news: The Lord Jesus our Savior whom we yearn for day and night has returned. Continue reading “The Best Gospel—“Pigeon” Mail”

God’s Words—How to Know Reality

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God is a practical God: All of His work is practical, all of the words He speaks are practical, and all of the truths He expresses are practical. Everything that is not His words is vacuous, non-existent, and unsound. Today, the Holy Spirit is to guide people into the words of God. If people are to pursue entry into reality, then they must seek reality, and know reality, after which they must experience reality, and live out reality. The more that people know reality, the more they are able to tell whether the words of others are real; the more people know reality, the less conceptions they have; Continue reading “God’s Words—How to Know Reality”

Almighty God’s Word—Corrupt Man Is Incapable of Representing God

Almighty God‘s Word—Corrupt Man Is Incapable of Representing God

Man has been living under the shroud of the influence of darkness, held in bondage to Satan’s influence with no escape. And the disposition of man, after it has undergone processing by Satan, is becoming increasingly corrupt. One could say that man has always lived with his corrupt satanic disposition, unable truly to love God. This being so, if man wishes to love God, he must be stripped of his self-rightness, self-importance, arrogance, conceit, and the like, all of which belong to Satan’s disposition. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word—Corrupt Man Is Incapable of Representing God”

Almighty God’s Word | The Path … (1)

Almighty God‘s Word | The Path … (1)

In their lifetime, no person knows what kind of setbacks they’re going to encounter, nor do they know what kind of refinement they will be subject to. For some it’s in their work, for some it’s in their future prospects, for some it’s in their family of origin, and for some it’s in their marriage. But what’s different from them is that today we, this group of people, are suffering for the word of God. That is, as someone who serves God, we have suffered setbacks on the path of believing in Him, and this is the path that all believers take and it is the road underneath all of our feet. It is from this point that we officially begin our course of believing in God, raise the curtain on our lives as human beings, and enter onto the right path of life. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word | The Path … (1)”