The “Rural” Mom Meets the “Urban” Daughter-in-Law

The “Rural” Mom Meets the “Urban” Daughter-in-Law

Liu Jie, Hunan

Different Viewpoints, Constant Conflicts

I am a typical housewife, a good wife and a loving mother, I take good care of my husband and children, I’m hardworking and thrifty in running my household, and I’ve never recklessly spent my money. But something unimaginable happened to me. My son married a fashionable girl who really loved to have fun and dress up and follow the trends of the world. She pursued and purchased whatever was popular in the world, she threw away money by the handful, and however much she made each month was however much she spent. Continue reading “The “Rural” Mom Meets the “Urban” Daughter-in-Law”


God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique I God’s Authority (I)” (Excerpt, Stage Version)


Almighty God says, “Satan has been corrupting mankind for thousands of years. It has wrought untold amounts of evil, has deceived generation after generation, and has committed heinous crimes in the world. It has abused man, deceived man, seduced man to oppose God, and has committed evil acts that have confounded and impaired God’s plan of management time and time again. Continue reading “God’s Utterance “God Himself, the Unique I God’s Authority (I)” (Excerpt, Stage Version)”

A Hymn of God’s Words “God Laments the Future of Mankind”



       In this vast world which has changed countless times even since before history, there is no one to lead and guide man, no one but He who rules over all. No mighty lord labors and prepares for the sake of this mankind’s needs. None can lead them into bright future, nor free them from injustice of this world. God laments the future of humankind. How He grieves at the fall of them! See His sorrow as they fail to learn that they march the road of no return. Man has rebelled, broken the heart of God; Satan’s evil path they’ve gladly trod. And no one has stopped to clearly see where mankind will eventually go.

Continue reading “A Hymn of God’s Words “God Laments the Future of Mankind””