Testimony | Why Engage in Trickery When Serving God?


By Hu Qing, Anhui Province

I remembered the first time I saw God’s words saying: “Those who serve as leaders always want to have greater ingenuity, to be head and shoulders above the rest, to find new tricks so that God can see how capable they really are. … They always want to show off; isn’t this precisely the revelation of an arrogant nature?” (“Without the Truth It Is Easy to Offend God” in Records of Christ’s Talks), I thought to myself: “Who has such nerve to try to find ingenious new tricks? Continue reading “Testimony | Why Engage in Trickery When Serving God?”


Do You Possess the “Immunity” Needed to Defeat Temptation? (Audio Essay)

Do You Possess the “Immunity” Needed to Defeat Temptation?

(Source: Fotolia)

One day, I came across a story. This story mainly told about a mouse that came out of its hole and found that people had intentionally placed a piece of meat in a mousetrap in order to lure it in. The mouse knew that if it touched that piece of meat, then it would be killed by the trap, so it initially thought to refuse the lure, and that it would absolutely not touch that piece of meat. But when the smell of the meat reached its nose, it just couldn’t overcome the temptation, and against its own will it crept closer and closer to the trap. In the end, it couldn’t resist the enticement, and so when it went to eat the piece of meat, it was killed by the trap. Continue reading “Do You Possess the “Immunity” Needed to Defeat Temptation? (Audio Essay)”

The “Rural” Mom Meets the “Urban” Daughter-in-Law

The “Rural” Mom Meets the “Urban” Daughter-in-Law

Liu Jie, Hunan

Different Viewpoints, Constant Conflicts

I am a typical housewife, a good wife and a loving mother, I take good care of my husband and children, I’m hardworking and thrifty in running my household, and I’ve never recklessly spent my money. But something unimaginable happened to me. My son married a fashionable girl who really loved to have fun and dress up and follow the trends of the world. She pursued and purchased whatever was popular in the world, she threw away money by the handful, and however much she made each month was however much she spent. Continue reading “The “Rural” Mom Meets the “Urban” Daughter-in-Law”

The First Utterance

Praises have come to Zion and God’s dwelling place has appeared. The glorious holy name is praised by all peoples, and is spreading. Ah, Almighty God! The Head of the universe, Christ of the last days—He is the shining Sun, and has risen over the majestic and magnificent Mount Zion in the entire universe …

Continue reading “The First Utterance”

Christian Crosstalk “The Great Red Dragon Shows Its Ugly Face” (English Dubbed)

This crosstalk principally reveals that the great red dragon not only wants to rule the people of China, but also has deluded ambitions of unifying Taiwan and dominating the whole of Asia and even Europe and North America. Continue reading “Christian Crosstalk “The Great Red Dragon Shows Its Ugly Face” (English Dubbed)”