Knowing God’s Work Today

To know God’s work in these times is, for the most part, to know what the principal ministry of God incarnate is in the last days, and what He has come to do on earth. I have previously mentioned in My words that God has come to earth (during the last days) to set an exemplar before departing. How does God set this exemplar? By speaking words, by working and speaking throughout the land. Continue reading “Knowing God’s Work Today”


Almighty God’s Word | How You Should Walk the Last Leg of the Path

You are now on the last leg of the path, and this is a critical portion of it. Perhaps you have endured quite a bit of suffering, done a lot of work, traveled many roads, and listened to many sermons, and it has not been easy to make it to now. If you cannot bear the suffering that is in front of you and if you continue on as you did in the past, then you cannot be perfected. This isn’t to scare you—this is a fact. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word | How You Should Walk the Last Leg of the Path”

God’s Word | Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen

I have sought many on earth to be My followers. Among all these followers, there are those who serve as priests, those who lead, those who are the sons of God, those who are the people of God, and those who do service. I class them based on the loyalty they show to Me. When all have been classified according to kind, that is, when the nature of each type of person has been made clear, I shall number each of them among their rightful category and place each kind into their fitting place, in order to achieve the aim of My salvation of mankind. In groups, I call those whom I wish to save to My house, and then cause all of them to accept My work of the last days. Continue reading “God’s Word | Many Are Called, but Few Are Chosen”

Spiritual Warfare | Breaking Free From the Rumor Trap

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Spiritual Warfare | Breaking Free From the Rumor Trap

By Xiaoyun, China

I used to be a female army officer. One day in 1999, a Korean pastor preached the gospel of the Lord Jesus to me. Because of my earnest pursuit, I soon became the focus of the pastor’s training and his primary assistant. In the summer of 2000, the pastor came to Yunnan on a short summer missionary trip with more than a dozen college students from the Korean Gospel Church. Unexpectedly, this alarmed the CCP government. We were arrested whilst having a meeting at the pastor’s home and then brought to Yunnan Province Public Security Department for questioning. Continue reading “Spiritual Warfare | Breaking Free From the Rumor Trap”

Since Eastern Lightning Is the True Way, Why Is It Oppressed?

Hello, brothers and sisters of Spiritual Q&A,

I’ve been looking into the way of Eastern Lightning for some time now. By reading Almighty God’s words and watching The Church of Almighty God’s gospel films and videos, I’ve learned about the purpose of God’s three stages of work, the mysteries of God’s incarnations, the significance of God taking on a different name in each age, the inside story of the Bible, what a wise virgin is and what a foolish virgin is, what truly being raptured is, how God’s judgment of the last days cleanses, transforms, and perfects people, plus what people’s destinations and outcomes will be. Continue reading “Since Eastern Lightning Is the True Way, Why Is It Oppressed?”

Return of Jesus | The Lord Has Appeared in the East

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By Qiu Zhen, China

One day, my sister phoned me and said that she was back from the north and that she had something important to tell me. She asked me to come over right away. I had a feeling about what might have happened and went to my sister’s house after the phone call. As soon as I entered and saw that my sister was reading a book, I felt relieved. My sister saw that I had arrived, suddenly stood up and said: “Sister! This time in the north I got some good news: The Lord Jesus has returned!” Continue reading “Return of Jesus | The Lord Has Appeared in the East”