The Words of God | The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)

Almighty God says, “You should know of the story behind the Bible and of its making. This knowledge does not belong to those who have not accepted the new work of God. They do not know. If you were to speak plainly of these matters of substance to them, they would no longer be sticklers about the Bible with you. They are constantly digging into what has been prophesied: Has this statement come to pass? Has that statement come to pass? Their acceptance of the gospel is in accordance with the Bible; and they preach the gospel according to the Bible. Their belief in God rests on the words of the Bible; without the Bible, they will not believe in God. Continue reading “The Words of God | The Mystery of the Incarnation (4)”


Christian Testimony | Bye Bye, Games!



Christian Testimony | Bye Bye, Games!


Hello everybody! Online games are one of the trends that are present in society these days. Many young people are deeply addicted to these games. Those that are harmed by these games also know that playing these games brings all sorts of negative consequences to their future prospects and their families. However, no matter what, they are unable to break free. Just how can they thoroughly break free from these games? Next, we will listen to Brother Zhangjin share about his experience. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | Bye Bye, Games!”

By Grasping These Four Points, Our Relationship With God Will Become Ever Closer

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By Xiaomo, China

The Bible says, “Draw near to God, and he will draw near to you” (James 4:8). As Christians, only by drawing closer to God and having real interaction with God can we maintain a normal relationship with God and obtain the work of the Holy Spirit. It is just like two people associating with each other, who can only keep their close relationship going for a long time by being more open with each other, communicating more when they encounter issues, and by understanding and respecting each other. Continue reading “By Grasping These Four Points, Our Relationship With God Will Become Ever Closer”

I Welcomed the Return of the Lord (Audio Essay)

My parents are both Christians and from an early age I started going with them to church to attend services. At the age of 12 I attended a grand Christian camp in Myanmar, and while I was there a pastor told me: “The only way to avoid death and enter the kingdom of heaven is to be baptized.” And so in order to enter the kingdom of heaven I decided to get baptized while I was at the camp. From that time on, I became a genuine Christian.


After reaching adulthood, I became the chairperson of my church’s youth association for many years, and whenever the preachers weren’t there I would lead the brothers and sisters in prayer, Bible studies, hymn-singing, and the sharing of testimonies. Continue reading “I Welcomed the Return of the Lord (Audio Essay)”

The Words of God—The Path … (3)

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Almighty God says, “In My own life, I’m always willing to give Myself over to God entirely, body and mind. This way, there is no blame on My conscience and I can gain a little bit of peace. A person who pursues life must first give their heart over to God entirely. This is a precondition. I’d like for My brothers and sisters to pray with Me to God: “Oh God! May Your Spirit in heaven bestow grace upon people on the earth so that My heart may fully turn to You, that My Spirit may be moved by You, and that I may see Your loveliness in My heart and My Spirit, so that those on the earth are blessed to see Your beauty. Continue reading “The Words of God—The Path … (3)”

God’s Words—The Path … (5)

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Almighty God says, “It used to be that no one knew the Holy Spirit, and they particularly did not know what the path of the Holy Spirit is. That’s why people always made fools of themselves in front of God. It can be said that nearly all of the people who believe in God do not know the Spirit, but just have a confused kind of belief. It’s clear from this that people do not understand God, and even though they say they believe in Him, in terms of the essence of it, based on their actions they believe in themselves, not God. Continue reading “God’s Words—The Path … (5)”