“The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel” (3) – The Difference Between the Normal Humanity of Christ and the Humanity of Corrupt Mankind

       God incarnates to save man and, from the outside, God incarnate appears to be an ordinary person. But do you know the essential difference between God incarnate’s normal humanity and the humanity of corrupt mankind? Almighty God says, “The flesh worn by the Spirit of God is God’s own flesh. The Spirit of God is supreme; He is almighty, holy, and righteous. So likewise, His flesh is also supreme, almighty, holy, and righteous. … despite the fact that man and Christ dwell within the same space, it is only man who is dominated, used, and entrapped by Satan. By contrast, Christ is eternally impervious to Satan’s corruption, because Satan will never be capable of ascending to the place of the most high, and will never be able to draw near to God” (The Word Appears in the Flesh). Continue reading ““The Mystery of Godliness: The Sequel” (3) – The Difference Between the Normal Humanity of Christ and the Humanity of Corrupt Mankind”


Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Word “How to Serve in Harmony With God’s Will”

Almighty God says, “If you wish to serve God’s will, you must first understand what kind of people are beloved by God, what kind of people are loathed by God, what kind of people are made perfect by God, and what kind of people are qualified to serve God. This is the very least that you ought to be equipped with. Moreover, you should know the aims of God’s work, and the work that God shall do in the here and now. After understanding this, and through the guidance of God’s words, you will first enter, and first receive God’s commission. When you actually experience based upon God’s words, and when you truly know God’s work, you will be qualified to serve God. And it is when you serve Him that God enlightens your spiritual eyes, and allows you to have a greater understanding of His work and see it more clearly. When you enter this reality, your experiences will be more profound and real, and all those who have had such experiences will be able to walk among the churches and provide to their brothers and sisters, each side drawing on the strengths of the other to make up for their own deficiencies, and gaining a richer knowledge in their spirits. Only after achieving this effect will you be able to serve God’s will and be made perfect by God in the course of your service.”   

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Eastern Lightning, The Church of Almighty God was created because of the appearance and work of Almighty God, the second coming of the Lord JesusChrist of the last days. It is made up of all those who accept Almighty God’s work in the last days and are conquered and saved by His words. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally and is led by Him as the Shepherd. It was definitely not created by a person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God’s sheep hear God’s voice. As long as you read the words of Almighty God, you will see God has appeared.

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The Hymn of God’s Word “The Mankind Living Under God’s Authority” | The Church of Almighty God

The Mankind Living Under God’s Authority

Mankind, who lives among all things, has been corrupted and deceived by Satan, but he still can’t forgo the water made by God, and the air and all things made by God. Mankind still lives and proliferates in this space created by God. Mankind still lives and proliferates in this space created by God. The instincts of mankind have not changed. Man still relies on his eyes to see, on his ears to hear, on his brain to think, on his heart to understand, on his legs and feet to walk, on his hands to work, and so on; all the instincts God bestowed upon man to gain His provision remain unchanged. Mankind’s faculties have not changed, through which he cooperates with God and fulfills the duty of a created being. His spiritual needs have not changed; his wish to find his origins has not changed. The yearning of mankind to be saved by the Creator has not changed. This is the situation of mankind, who lives under God’s authority, and who has endured the bloody destruction wrought by Satan.

from “God Himself, the Unique (I) God’s Authority (1)” in A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Offering sacrifices in the tabernacle

“The work that Jehovah did in the Israelites established among humanity God’s earthly place of origin, His sacred place where He was present. He confined His work to the Israelite people. At first, He did not work outside of Israel; instead He chose a people He found suitable in order to restrict the scope of His work. Israel is the place where God created Adam and Eve, out of whose dust Jehovah made man; it is the base of His work on earth. The Israelites, who are the descendants of Noah and of Adam, were the foundation of Jehovah’s work on earth.”

from The Word Appears in the Flesh


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Almighty God’s word : The Work in the Age of Law

Moses issues the law

IV The Decrees in the Age of Law:

1. The Ten Commandments

2. The Principle for Building the Altar

3. The Decrees Concerning Treating Servants

4. The Decrees Concerning Stealing and Compensation

5. Observe Sabbath Year and the Three Feasts

6. The Decrees Concerning the Sabbath Day

7. The Decrees Concerning Offering Sacrifices

(1) Offering the Burnt Offering

(2) Offering the Meal Offering

(3) Offering the Peace Offering

(4) Offering the Sin Offering

(5) Offering the Trespass Offering

(6) The Decrees Concerning Priests Offering Sacrifices (for Aaron and his sons to observe)

1) Priests Offering the Burnt Offering

2) Priests Offering the Meal Offering

3) Priests Offering the Sin Offering

4) Priests Offering the Trespass Offering

5) Priests Offering the Peace Offering

8. The Decrees Concerning Priests Eating Sacrifices

9. The Clean and the Unclean Animals (edible and inedible)

10. The Decrees Concerning the Cleansing of Women After Childbirth

11. The Standard for Examining Leprosy

12. The Decrees Concerning the Healing of the Leper

13. The Decrees Concerning the Cleansing of an Infected House

14. The Decrees Concerning the Sicknesses Such as an Issue of Blood

15. The Day of Atonement Shall Be Kept Once Every Year

16. The Rules of Slaying Oxen and Sheep

17. Do Not Walk in the Gentiles’ Customs (do not have sexual relations with close relatives, and so on)

18. The Decrees for People to Observe (“You shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy.”)

19. He Who Offers His Children to Molech Shall Be Put to Death

20. The Decrees Concerning Punishment for Fornicators

21. The Rules for Priests to Observe (the rules for them to do things and conduct themselves in their daily life, the rules for eating sacred offerings, the rules for offering sacrifices, and so on)

22. The Feasts to Be Kept (the Sabbath, the Passover, the Pentecost, the Day of Atonement, and so on)

23. Other Decrees (the lighting of the lamps, the year of jubilee, the redeeming of the fields, the taking of a vow, the offering of a tenth, and so on)

from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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The Holy Temple | 1

The Decrees in the Age of the Law Are the Testament to God’s Guiding All Mankind

“You have seen all these decrees and principles in the Age of Law, haven’t you? The range of these decrees is wide, right? First, the Ten Commandments, then the decrees concerning how to build the altar and so on, then the sayings about keeping the Sabbath and the three feasts, and then the decrees concerning offering sacrifices. How many kinds of offerings can you find there are? There is the burnt offering, the meal offering, the peace offering, the sin offering, and so on. Next are the decrees regarding priests offering sacrifices, which include offering the burnt offering, the meal offering, and all the other kinds of offerings. The eighth item is the decrees concerning priests eating sacrifices. What follows are the decrees men should keep in their life. Here, there are regulations for many aspects of man’s life, such as, the decrees concerning what men can eat and what men cannot, the decrees concerning the cleansing of women after childbirth, and the decrees concerning the healing of the leper. In these decrees, God even spoke about such things as sickness and the rules concerning slaying oxen and sheep. Oxen and sheep were created by God, and you should slay them as God told you. God’s words are definitely reasonable, and it will surely not be wrong to act according to God’s regulations, which will surely be beneficial to man. Moreover, God gave sayings about feasts and rules that should be kept, such as the Sabbath, the Passover, and so on. Let’s look at the last item—Other Decrees: the lighting of the lamps, the year of jubilee, the redeeming of the fields, the taking of a vow, the offering of a tenth, and so on. The aspects of these decrees covered a wide range, didn’t they? First, they covered the matter of offering sacrifices, then stealing, compensation, keeping Sabbath, and all the other details in life. “

from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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