Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of God’s Word “Since God Saves Man, He Will Save Him Completely” | Gospel Music

Since God Saves Man, He Will Save Him Completely

1. Since God created man, He will lead him; since He saves man, He will save him and gain him completely; since He leads man, He will bring him to proper destination. Since He created man, since He manages man, He must be responsible for man’s prospects and fate. It is this which is the work done by the Creator. Though the work of conquest is achieved by removing the prospects of the human race, in the end, man still will be brought into, into the proper destination God has prepared for him. ‘Cause it is God who works man, man has a destination and his fate is thus assured, his fate is thus assured.

2. What man pursues and desires are the yearnings they have when pursuing the extravagant desires of the flesh, rather than the destination, the destination due to man. What God has prepared for man, on the other hand, are the blessings and promises due to man when he is made pure, which God prepared for him after creating the world. Those blessings and promises are not tainted by man’s imagination and conceptions, or his choice or flesh. This destination is not prepared for a particular person, a particular person, but is the resting place of the whole of mankind. This is the most proper destination, proper destination for mankind. This is the most proper destination, destination for mankind.

from “Recover Man’s Normal Life and Bring Man into the Pleasant Destination” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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