Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of God’s Word “God Has Indeed Come Among Men”


God Has Indeed Come Among Men

God brings the end of mankind to the human world.
After that, He lays bare to mankind all His disposition,
so that all people who know God and those who do not
will “feast their eyes” and see God’s indeed come among men,
onto the earth where all things grow.
This is the plan of God.
This is the only “confession” of Him since His creation of mankind. Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | The Hymn of God’s Word “God Has Indeed Come Among Men””

Almighty God’s word “How to Know God’s Disposition and the Result God Works to Achieve”


God’s Attitude Toward Those Who Ran Away from God’s Work

In every place there are some people of this kind: After they had been certain about God’s Way, they left quietly for various reasons. They left without saying good-bye and went to do what they want to do at their own will. Let’s not discuss for the moment why they left. Let’s first see what God’s attitude is toward such people. It is very definite! From the very moment they left, in God’s eyes, their life of believing in God was over. It was not they who put an end to it, but God who put an end to it for them. Their leaving God meant that they rejected God already and did not want God anymore, and meant that they no longer accepted God’s salvation for them. Since they no longer wanted God, could God still want them? Moreover, when they had such an attitude and such a thought and were determined to leave God, they already provoked God’s disposition, even though they did not point at God and yell abuse in a towering rage, even though they did not have any excessive or wicked behavior, and even though they thought to themselves: “If one day I have enough fun outside or when I still need God, I will come back; or when God calls me, I will come back,” or they said: “When I get hurt outside, or when I see the outside world is too dark and too evil and I do not want to go with the current, I will come back to God.” Even though they planned in their hearts they would come back some day, and even though they left themselves a way out, they did not know that no matter what they thought and what they planned, it was only their own wishful thinking. Their biggest mistake was that they did not find out what God’s heart felt when they wanted to leave. From the very moment they were determined to leave God, God gave them up completely, and God already decided their outcome in his heart. What is their outcome? Such people are classified as mice and will perish together with them. So, man often sees such a thing as this: A person has rejected God, but he goes unpunished. God has his principles in doing things. Certain things man can see; certain things God only decides in his heart, so man cannot see the results of these things. What man’s eyes see does not amount to the side of reality, but the side man has not seen is precisely the real thought and decision in God’s heart.

From A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh—The Way to Know God I

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