Gospel Music | Do You Have a Normal Relationship With God?

Gospel Music | Do You Have a Normal Relationship With God?

Verse 1 If you want to be made perfect, to enter the right track of life, your heart must live in God’s presence, not follow Satan or go wild.

Verse 2 Don’t leave Satan a chance to work. By Satan do not be used. Completely give yourself to God, let God entirely rule. Continue reading “Gospel Music | Do You Have a Normal Relationship With God?”

A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved

A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved

By Lin Qing

After becoming a Christian I always believed that as long as I put everything aside and expended myself for God, did the work of the church well, I didn’t give up my duty or betray God no matter what tribulations or pain I suffered, and could follow Him until the end, I would be someone God would be pleased with. I thought that I could gain God’s salvation and I would be able to remain. So I gave up my family and fleshly enjoyments, and spent every day rushing around, busy in the church. This is how I came to believe that I had already walked the path of salvation by God, and all I had to do was follow Him to the very end. Continue reading “A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved”

How Is Your Relationship With God?

In believing in God, you must at least resolve the issue of having a normal relationship with God. Without a normal relationship with God, then the significance in believing in God is lost. Establishing a normal relationship with God is entirely attained through quieting your heart in God’s presence. A normal relationship with God means being able to not doubt or deny any of God’s work and submit to it, and furthermore it means having the right intentions in the presence of God, not thinking of yourself, always having the interests of God’s family as the most important thing no matter what you are doing, accepting God’s observation, and submitting to God’s arrangements. Continue reading “How Is Your Relationship With God?”

Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisees?

Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisee.jpg

By Suxing, Shanxi Province

I am a person with an arrogant and conceited nature who cares too much about position. For many years in my faith, I have been bound by reputation and position and have not been able to free myself from it. Time and time again I have been promoted and then replaced; I have had many setbacks in my position and have had many bumps along the way. After many years of being dealt with and refined, I felt that I was no longer so preoccupied with my position. Continue reading “Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisees?”

Almighty God’s Words | Focus More on Reality

Every person has the possibility of being perfected by God, so everyone should understand what sort of service to God is best in line with His intentions. Most people do not know what it means to believe in God, nor do they understand why they should believe in Him—which is to say, most have no comprehension of God’s work or the purpose of His management plan. Today, the majority of people still think believing in God is about going to heaven and having their souls saved. They are clueless as to the exact significance of believing in God and, moreover, do not have any understanding whatsoever of the most important work in God’s management plan. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Words | Focus More on Reality”

Almighty God’s word | Work and Entry (2)

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Almighty God‘s word | Work and Entry (2)

Your work and entry are quite poor; man does not place importance on work and is even more careless with entry. Man does not regard these as lessons that they ought to enter into; therefore, in their spiritual experience, virtually all man sees are castles in the sky. Not very much is asked of you in terms of your experience in work, but, as one to be perfected by God, you ought to learn to work for God so that you may soon be after God’s heart. Throughout the ages, those who did work have been called workers or apostles, which refers to a small number of people used by God. Continue reading “Almighty God’s word | Work and Entry (2)”