Almighty God’s Word—What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold

What is it that man has received since he first believed in God? What have you known about God? How much have you changed because of your belief in God? Now you all know that man’s belief in God is not solely for salvation of the soul and welfare of the flesh, nor is it to enrich his life through love of God, and so on. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word—What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold”


Almighty God’s Word “How Should You Attend to Your Future Mission”

Almighty God says, “These fragile spirits who have never been granted rest are truly suffering such misfortune. They have long been sealed off by the ruthless ropes and the history that is frozen in place. Who has ever heard the sound of their wailing? Who has ever seen their miserable visage? Have you ever thought how grieved and anxious God’s heart is? How can He bear to see the innocent mankind He created with His own hands suffering such torment? Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word “How Should You Attend to Your Future Mission””

Hymn | You Are in My Heart


When doing my duty away from home, I think of You, and I pray to You. Through reading Your words, I’ve come to trust You more and my heart is soothed, oh. To bear witness for You, I suffer much pain, and I know even better how lovely You are. Following You, I’ll walk ever on to the end. When You change Your form, we’ll welcome Your return, whoa, we’ll welcome Your return. Continue reading “Hymn | You Are in My Heart”

The Secret to Saving a Marriage (Part 2) —Almighty God Saved My Marriage

The Secret to Saving a Marriage (Part 2) —Almighty God Saved My Marriage

However, when I shared the gospel with my wife, she would not accept it. Then, I asked the brothers and sisters from the church to come and share the gospel with my wife, but she still wasn’t willing to listen and she didn’t want to have them as guests. In light of these circumstances, I could only entrust my eager hopes for my wife to God. One day, I read this passage of God’s word: “Your practice and revelations in real life are the testimony of God, they are man’s living out and the testimony of God, and this is truly enjoying God’s love; when you have experienced to this point, the due effect will have been achieved. Continue reading “The Secret to Saving a Marriage (Part 2) —Almighty God Saved My Marriage”

Hymn | The Spirit of Peter—The Banner of Victory

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Hymn
The Word appearing in the flesh is God Himself. He’s the real true God in front of our eyes. Before ages He predestined my birth in the last days. He’s conquered and saved, bestowed life on me. I forge this ultimate love with God, spirit of Peter shows in the last days. God’s creative power is limitless, new people He’s made in His image. I resolve to follow the practical God, come what may. I will not rest until I have known God. Unfit to be called human if I can’t suffer for Him. Ashamed if I cannot repay His love.

Continue reading “Hymn | The Spirit of Peter—The Banner of Victory”