Almighty God Led Me Onto the Path of Obtaining Cleansing

Almighty God Led Me Onto the Path of Obtaining Cleansing

Gangqiang, USA

In 2007, due to a lot of pressure in my life, I came to Singapore by myself to work to make a living. All year round, the climate in Singapore is very hot, so every day I would sweat profusely when I was working. It was so rough that I suffered an unspeakable amount, and on top of that it was an unfamiliar life without any relatives or friends, so I thought it to be boring and tedious. One day in August, I received a gospel leaflet on my way home from work which read: “But the God of all grace, who has called us to his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that you have suffered a while, make you perfect, establish, strengthen, settle you” (1Pe 5:10). Continue reading “Almighty God Led Me Onto the Path of Obtaining Cleansing”


Praise the King of Kings | Gospel Music | “The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King”

The Kingdom An Praise the King of Kings | Gospel Music | “The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King”them (II) God Is Come, God Is King

At this extraordinary moment, at this exhilarating time,
in heaven above, and down below, all are singing, singing praises.
At this, who is not excited? At this, who’s not light of heart?
Facing this, who does not shed tears?
Heaven, no more the heaven of old, is the heaven of the kingdom.
Earth, no more the former earth, is a place of sanctity.
After a mighty rain, the foul old world is completely changed. Continue reading “Praise the King of Kings | Gospel Music | “The Kingdom Anthem (II) God Is Come, God Is King””

Choir Song | “Kingdom Anthem (III) All People, Shout for Joy” | So Happy to Live in the House of God

In God’s light, people see the light again.
In God’s word, people find the things for enjoyment.
God has come from the East and He hails from there.
When God’s glory shines, all nations are lighted,
all is brought to light, not a thing remains in darkness.
In the kingdom, the life of God’s people with God is incomparably happy.
The waters dance for people’s blessed lives,
the mountains enjoy with people God’s abundance. Continue reading “Choir Song | “Kingdom Anthem (III) All People, Shout for Joy” | So Happy to Live in the House of God”

The Hymn of God’s Word “God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth”

The Church of Almighty God, hymn, God's Word

The Hymn of God’s Word “God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth”

Ah … ah … ah … ah …

ah … ah … ah … ah…

I The almighty true God, the King on the throne, rules over the entire universe entire universe, facing all nations and all peoples. God’s glory shines throughout the world. Across the ends of the universe, all that is alive should see, lakes, rivers, seas, earth, mountains, all living things are revealed in the light of the true God’s presence, revived again, awakened from dreams, sprouting from the soil! O! The only true God appearing before the world. Who has courage to resist? All are trembling with fear, all are utterly convinced, keep begging for mercy. All people bow down before Him and all tongues worship Him!
Continue reading “The Hymn of God’s Word “God’s Kingdom Has Appeared on Earth””

The Kingdom of God Is Come | Gospel Song | “God’s Name Will Be Magnified Among the Gentile Nations”



     The purpose of God’s judgment is to encourage man’s obedience; the purpose of God’s chastisement is to allow for man’s transformation. Though God’s work is for His management’s sake, none of what He does isn’t good to man. God wants the lands beyond Israel to obey as the Israelites did, to make them into real men, so that in the lands beyond Israel God’s foothold shall be gained. This is the management of God. It’s His work in the lands of the Gentiles. Continue reading “The Kingdom of God Is Come | Gospel Song | “God’s Name Will Be Magnified Among the Gentile Nations””

Eastern Lightning | Almighty God’s Word “Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst the Management of God” (Excerpt, Stage Version)

Almighty God says, “How many creatures are there living and reproducing in the vast expanse of the universe, following the law of life over and over, adhering to one constant rule. Those who die take with them the stories of the living, and those who are living repeat the same tragic history of those who have died. And so mankind can’t help but ask itself: Why do we live? And why do we have to die? Who is in command of this world? And who created this mankind? Was mankind really created by Mother Nature? Is mankind really in control of its own fate? … For thousands of years mankind has asked these questions, over and over again. Unfortunately, the more that mankind has become obsessed with these questions, the more of a thirst he has developed for science. Science offers brief gratification and temporary enjoyment of the flesh, but is far from sufficient to free mankind of the solitariness, loneliness, and barely-concealed terror and helplessness deep within his soul. Mankind merely uses scientific knowledge that the naked eye can see and the brain can comprehend to anesthetize his heart. Yet such scientific knowledge cannot stop mankind from exploring mysteries. Mankind does not know who is the Sovereign of all things in the universe, much less does he know the beginning and future of mankind. Mankind merely lives, perforce, amidst this law. None can escape it and none can change it, for among all things and in the heavens there is but One from everlasting to everlasting who holds sovereignty over everything. He is the One who has never been beheld by man, the One whom mankind has never known, in whose existence mankind has never believed, yet He is the One who breathed the breath into mankind’s ancestors and gave life to mankind. He is the One who supplies and nourishes mankind for its existence, and guides mankind up to the present day. Moreover, He and He alone is whom mankind depends on for its survival. He holds sovereignty over all things and rules all living beings beneath the universe. He commands the four seasons, and it is He who calls forth wind, frost, snow, and rain. He gives mankind sunshine and brings the coming of night. It was He who laid out the heavens and earth, providing man with mountains, lakes and rivers and all the living things within them. His deed is everywhere, His power is everywhere, His wisdom is everywhere, and His authority is everywhere. Each of these laws and rules are the embodiment of His deed, and every one of them reveals His wisdom and authority. Who can exempt themselves from His sovereignty? And who can discharge themselves from His designs? All things exist beneath His gaze, and moreover, all things live beneath His sovereignty. His deed and His power leave mankind with no choice but to acknowledge the fact that He really does exist and holds sovereignty over all things. No other thing apart from Him can command the universe, much less can it ceaselessly provide for this mankind. Regardless of whether you are able to recognize the deed of God, and irrespective of whether you believe in the existence of God, there is no doubt that your fate lies within the ordination of God, and there is no doubt that God will always hold sovereignty over all things. His existence and authority are not predicated upon whether or not they can be recognized and comprehended by man. Only He knows man’s past, present and future, and only He can determine the fate of mankind. Regardless of whether you are able to accept this fact, it will not be long before mankind witnesses all of this with his own eyes, and this is the fact that God will soon bring to bear.”
From “Man Can Only Be Saved Amidst the Management of God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh

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Eastern LightningThe Church of Almighty God was created because of the appearance and work of Almighty God, the second coming of the Lord Jesus, Christ of the last days. It is made up of all those who accept Almighty God’s work in the last days and are conquered and saved by His words. It was entirely founded by Almighty God personally and is led by Him as the Shepherd. It was definitely not created by a person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. God’s sheep hear God’s voice. As long as you read the words of Almighty God, you will see God has appeared.

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