The Hymn of God’s Word “The Work of Judgment in the Last Days Is to End the Age”

The Work of Judgment in the Last Days Is to End the Age

The last days is but a name of an age, like the Ages of Law and Grace, not the last years or months, and differs a lot from those two ages. The last days’ work isn’t done in Israel, but it’s carried out among the Gentiles. It is the conquest of all nations before God’s throne. And God’s glory will fill the whole cosmos. It will be proclaimed to all nations, and through all generations. Every creature will see the glory God has gained on earth.

The last days are a time of conquest, not the guidance of all people’s life. But instead it is the conclusion of mankind’s undying and endless suffering. The last days are not like the long years when God worked in Judea and Israel for several thousand years until His second incarnation, but rather brief. The people of the last days encounter the Redeemer coming back in the flesh, and receive God’s personal working and words in those brief last days just before the end. The last days, final end of an era, the completion of God’s 6000-year-plan. The last days, the end of man’s journey, end of man’s journey of suffering. But not all can enter a new age. Human life won’t continue the same. For it is of no significance to God’s great plans. For if mankind persisted, they’d be devoured by the devil, and their souls lost in Satan’s hands. Continue reading “The Hymn of God’s Word “The Work of Judgment in the Last Days Is to End the Age””


In God We Trust | Almighty God’s Word”God Is the Lord of All Creation”

Almighty God says, “His initial work was carried out in Judea, within the scope of Israel; in Gentile nations He did not do any era-launching work whatsoever. The final stage of His work is not only carried out among the people of Gentile nations; even more so, it is carried out among those cursed people. This one point is the evidence most capable of humiliating Satan; thus, God “becomes” the God of all creation in the universe and becomes the Lord of all things, the object of worship for everything with life.”

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Almighty God’s Word “God Is the Lord of All Created Beings”

Almighty God says, “In the beginning, God did his work in Judea and within the scope of Israel, and he did not do any work of starting an age among the Gentile nations. The last stage of work is done not only on the Gentiles but even more on the cursed ones. This is the evidence that can best put satan to shame. Thus, God ‘becomes’ the God of all created beings in the entire universe and becomes the Lord of all things and the One worshiped by all things with life.”

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