2020 Christian Testimony Video | “Spreading the Gospel to My Father”

2020 Christian Testimony Video | “Spreading the Gospel to My Father”

The main character accepts Almighty God’s work of the last days while in divinity school. Thinking of his father, a church deacon who is well-versed in the Scriptures and has served the Lord for many years, he decides to share the gospel with him as soon as possible. To his surprise, his father stubbornly clings to the literal words of the Bible and his religious notions, and refuses to seek and look into it. Much to his dismay, his father even kicks him out of the house. Continue reading “2020 Christian Testimony Video | “Spreading the Gospel to My Father””

A Wandering Heart Comes Home

From Almighty God’s Word, <highlight>I Have Found My Life Direction</highlight>

Novo, Philippines

My name is Novo, and I’m Filipino. I have followed my mom in her belief in God since I was little, and would go listen to sermons at church together with my siblings. Although I had believed in the Lord for many years, I felt that I had not changed, and that I was the same as an unbeliever, in my heart thinking all day about how to make more money, and about how to spend my days in comfort and enjoy the good life. Furthermore, I also often went drinking with my friends, and the moment I had any spare cash I’d go gambling. Continue reading “A Wandering Heart Comes Home”

Christian Movie Trailer “I Am a Good Person!” (English Dubbed)

Yang Huixin, a Christian, has loved being a good person since she was little. She doesn’t like to offend others. She believes herself to be a good person because she is kind and agreeable with others. But only after she accepts God’s gospel of the last days and undergoes the judgment and chastisement of God’s words does she have an awakening, and realize that she’s not a true good person. Continue reading “Christian Movie Trailer “I Am a Good Person!” (English Dubbed)”

Amidst Disaster, I Saw God’s Hand

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,christian

Ying Xin, Beijing

August 15, 2012

On July 22, 2012, the day after Beijing’s flood of July 21, I hurried over to visit a sister who had just accepted God’s work of the last days two months previously. No sooner had I entered her village when the scene I saw before me stunned me speechless! I saw that the roads had collapsed, revealing their foundations beneath the asphalt. Continue reading “Amidst Disaster, I Saw God’s Hand”

The Return of a Prodigal Son

happy days of my childhood

Ruth, United States

I was born in a small town in southern China, and starting from my paternal great-grandmother’s generation, our family has believed in the Lord. Stories from the Biblehymns of worship and ecclesiastical music in the church accompanied me as I passed through the happy days of my childhood. As I started getting older, pressure grew in my studies, and in my heart I started to slowly grow distant from the Lord. However, the Lord never left me, whenever I would call out for Him, He would help me. Continue reading “The Return of a Prodigal Son”

Destruction in the Blink of an Eye


Qingping Township in Sichuan Province disappeared twice because of its defiance of Almighty God’s gospel of the last days

Jing Wei, Sichuan Province

During the great earthquake that occurred on May 12, 2008, a town vanished entirely: That was Qingping Township in the Mianzhu municipal area in Sichuan Province.Because of the government’s information blackout, this is not something that many people know about. Continue reading “Destruction in the Blink of an Eye”