The Words of God | The Path … (7)

All of us can see in our practical experiences that there are many times that God has personally opened up a path for us so that we are treading the path that is firmer, more realistic. This is because this path is the one that God opened up for us since the beginning of time and has been passed on to our generation after tens of thousands of years. So we are succeeding our predecessors who did not walk the path until its end; Continue reading “The Words of God | The Path … (7)”


The Word of God | Work and Entry (1)

Ever since people began to tread the right track of life, there have been many things about which they remain unclear. They are still in a complete muddle about God’s work, and about much work they should do. This is due, on the one hand, to the deviation in their experience and the limitations in their capacity to receive; on the other, it is because God’s work has not yet brought people to this stage. So, everyone is ambiguous about most spiritual matters. Not only are you unclear about what you should enter into; you are even more ignorant about God’s work. Continue reading “The Word of God | Work and Entry (1)”

God‘s Words—The Mystery of the Incarnation (3)

Almighty God says, “When God carries out His work, He comes not to engage in any building or movements, but to fulfill His ministry. Each time He becomes flesh, it is only to accomplish a stage of work and open up a new age. Now the Age of Kingdom has arrived, and the training for the kingdom. This stage of work is not the work of man, it is not to work man to a particular degree; it is only to complete a portion of God’s work. What He does is not the work of man, it is not to achieve a certain result in working man before leaving earth; Continue reading “God‘s Words—The Mystery of the Incarnation (3)”

Christian Worship Song | Life Is Precious


Christian Worship Song | Life Is Precious

Boundless skies, vast and magnificent, infinitely marvelous. Oh, people born to live on this earth, who should you be worshiping? God is the Creator and Master of all things, full of mystery. Everywhere is the wonder of God, only open up your eyes and see. The movement of all things in this vast universe is completely in the hands of God. Misfortunes and blessings are unexpected things, but they’re not outside the hands of God. Continue reading “Christian Worship Song | Life Is Precious”

God’s Words—How to Know Reality

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Hymn

God is a practical God: All of His work is practical, all of the words He speaks are practical, and all of the truths He expresses are practical. Everything that is not His words is vacuous, non-existent, and unsound. Today, the Holy Spirit is to guide people into the words of God. If people are to pursue entry into reality, then they must seek reality, and know reality, after which they must experience reality, and live out reality. The more that people know reality, the more they are able to tell whether the words of others are real; the more people know reality, the less conceptions they have; Continue reading “God’s Words—How to Know Reality”

Utterance of Almighty God | The Path … (4)


Utterance of Almighty God | The Path … (4)

That people are able to discover God’s loveliness, to seek the way of loving God in this age, and that they are willing to accept the training of the kingdom of today—all of this is God’s grace and even more, it’s Him uplifting mankind. Whenever I think of this I strongly feel the loveliness of God. It is truly that God loves us. Otherwise, who would be able to discover His loveliness? Continue reading “Utterance of Almighty God | The Path … (4)”