Utterance of Almighty God | The Path … (4)


Utterance of Almighty God | The Path … (4)

That people are able to discover God’s loveliness, to seek the way of loving God in this age, and that they are willing to accept the training of the kingdom of today—all of this is God’s grace and even more, it’s Him uplifting mankind. Whenever I think of this I strongly feel the loveliness of God. It is truly that God loves us. Otherwise, who would be able to discover His loveliness? Continue reading “Utterance of Almighty God | The Path … (4)”


Almighty God’s Words | God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together

In the beginning, God was resting. There were no humans or anything else upon the earth at that time, and God had not done any work whatsoever. God only began His management work once humanity existed and once humanity had been corrupted. From this point on, God no longer rested but instead began to busy Himself among humanity. It was because of humanity’s corruption that God was taken from His rest, and it was also because of the archangel’s rebellion that God was taken from His rest. If God does not defeat Satan and save humanity, which has been corrupted, God will never again be able to enter into rest. As man lacks rest, so does God. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Words | God and Man Will Enter Into Rest Together”

Christian Testimony | The Riches of Life

<highlight>The Riches of Life</highlight>

 By Wang Jun, Shandong Province

The years since my wife and I accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days have been spent under the oppression of the CCP. During this time, although I have had weaknesses, pain, and tears, I have gained a great deal from experiencing the persecution of the CCP. These bitter experiences have not only made me clearly see CCP’s reactionary, evil satanic nature and its ugly countenance, but I have also known my own corrupt essence. It has also allowed me to experience God’s almightiness and wisdom. I have truly experienced and recognized the actual significance of God utilizing the CCP as a foil, and my confidence in following God has become firmer and firmer.

Continue reading “Christian Testimony | The Riches of Life”

All Who Do Not Know God Are Those Who Oppose God

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Almighty God

To grasp the purpose of God’s work, what effect to be achieved in man, and the will of God toward man, this is what every man who follows God should achieve. Now what all men lack is the knowledge of God’s work. Man neither comprehends nor understands exactly what constitutes the deeds of God in man, all the work of God, and the will of God since the creation of the world. This inadequacy is not merely seen throughout the religious world, but moreover in all believers of God. When the day comes that you truly behold God and realize the wisdom of God; when you behold all the deeds of God and recognize what God is and has; when you behold His abundance, wisdom, wonder, and all His work in man, it is then that you will have attained successful faith in God. Continue reading “All Who Do Not Know God Are Those Who Oppose God”

God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Man Not Understand?


The true God works on earth, appears in flesh, that man may know Him, and He may gain their love. Yet people do not see, but stubbornly, they look for miracles to vouch for faith. Oh! How can they not see the will of God? Through the wind and rain, who is it all for? God’s poured out so much love from His kind hand. He’s worked till now, why don’t they understand? Continue reading “God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Man Not Understand?”

Seeing God’s Hand in the Hardships of Selling and Buying a Home

Seeing God’s Hand in the Hardships of Selling and Buying a Home
Ma Ling

Part 1

Deep in the night when all was quiet, Ma Ling stood in silence by the window thinking about a conversation she had had with a church leader that day.

The leader, Sister Bai, said: “Sister Ma, one of the people taken in the most recent wave of arrests of brothers and sisters by the CCP government was a sister who used to stay at your home. We’re afraid that the police will track her movements through video surveillance recordings, and in that case you would certainly be implicated. The duty that you’re currently performing would be impacted too. I don’t know if you have any particular plans.” Continue reading “Seeing God’s Hand in the Hardships of Selling and Buying a Home”