God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Man Not Understand?


The true God works on earth, appears in flesh, that man may know Him, and He may gain their love. Yet people do not see, but stubbornly, they look for miracles to vouch for faith. Oh! How can they not see the will of God? Through the wind and rain, who is it all for? God’s poured out so much love from His kind hand. He’s worked till now, why don’t they understand? Continue reading “God Has Worked Till Now, Why Does Man Not Understand?”


The Way of Eternal Life | Official Trailer “From the Throne Flows the Water of Life”

Tao Wei was a preacher of a house church. Faced with the deteriorating famine situation in the church and her spiritual dryness and darkness, she felt perplexed and confused: The word of the Lord is the living water of life and can nourish our life and provide our needs. But why can’t we feel the working of the Holy Spirit when reading the Lord’s words? Why does the Lord not work in the religious world? Has His work moved? Has He appeared and worked in another place? …Tao Wei was eager to find out the answers, and even more desired to receive the supply of the living water of life. She sought the appearance and work of God with brothers and sisters, and they finally found the Church of Almighty God, and had fellowships and debates with the preachers from the Church of Almighty God….Could they find the source of the living water of life in the Church of Almighty God? Could they receive the water of life flowing from the throne?….

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