Almighty God’s Word—What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold

What is it that man has received since he first believed in God? What have you known about God? How much have you changed because of your belief in God? Now you all know that man’s belief in God is not solely for salvation of the soul and welfare of the flesh, nor is it to enrich his life through love of God, and so on. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word—What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold”


How Can My Young, Brash, and Arrogant Self Get Along With My Grandmother?

<highlight>How Can My Young, Brash, and Arrogant Self Get Along With My Grandmother</highlight>

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My name is An Qi. Before the age of six, I was living at my grandmother’s house. At the time, my grandmother was the person with whom I felt closest to. Each day when I went to the kindergarten, my grandmother decided which clothes I would wear and how I would comb my hair. I felt that my grandmother did these things the best. Gradually, I grew up and I started to disapprove of some of the things that my grandmother did. My grandmother also started to disapprove of me as well. Each time I went to her house, she would scold me. Continue reading “How Can My Young, Brash, and Arrogant Self Get Along With My Grandmother?”

Love of God | Korean Choir of the Church of Almighty God—The Eastern Light Hymns Concert Episode 7


God created everything and governs everything; at the same time, He controls and supplies all things. This is the true identity of God—the unique God Himself. From the moment God created mankind, He has been protecting and watching over them, and showing all of them the direction to go forward. He can both ascend to the highest place and humble Himself by assuming flesh to share joys and sufferings with man…. When man feels and understands God’s love and care for them, they will have love and reverence for Him, and accept Him as their Lord, their God!

1. God’s Own Identity and Position
2.How Important God’s Love for Man Is

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Almighty God’s word “God’s Work, God’s Disposition, and God Himself (I)”


Why have I said these words here? What have you seen from these words? In God’s substance and disposition there is something that man most easily ignores. Moreover, it is something that no man possesses, including the great men and the good men in man’s eyes or the “god” in man’s imagination; only God possesses it. What is it? It is God’s selflessness. Speaking of selflessness, you may think that you are also very selfless, because in treating your children, you have never bargained with them or been narrow-minded toward them. Or you think that you are also selfless toward your parents. No matter what you think, at least you have a concept of the word “selfless” and think that the word “selfless” is positive and it is very noble to be a selfless man, and if you can be selfless, you feel yourself very great. But no one can see God’s selflessness from all things, from people, matters, and things, or from God’s work. Why is this? It is because man is too selfish! Why do I say so? Man lives in the physical world; although you follow God, you never see or realize how God supplies you, how God loves you, and how God is concerned about you. What do you see? What you see is the one who has a blood relationship with you and who loves or is fond of you, what you see are the things advantageous to your flesh, and what you care about are the people you like and the things you like. This is man’s so-called selflessness. However, such a “selfless” man has never tried to care about God who bestows life to him. Man’s “selflessness,” compared with God’s, becomes selfish and base. The “selflessness” in man’s mind is empty and impractical, is with mixture, is incompatible with God, and has nothing to do with God. Man’s “selflessness” is for man himself, while God’s “selflessness” is a true expression of God’s substance. It is precisely because of God’s selflessness that man receives unfailing supply from God. Today you may not have very deep feelings on the topic I am talking about and you only agree with a nod, but when you try to understand God’s heart in your heart, unconsciously you will discover this: In this world, among the people, matters, and things you can feel, only God’s selflessness is true and is real and practical, because only God’s love for you is unconditional and unblemished, and except for God’s selflessness, the so-called selflessness of anyone is hypocritical and superficial, and it is not genuine but with purposes, intents, and dealings and cannot stand the test, and it can even be said to be dirty and base. Do you agree with this word?

I know that these subjects are very strange to you, and a period of their sinking in is required before you can truly understand them. The more you feel they are strange issues and the more you feel they are strange subjects, the more it proves that they are the subjects you lack in your hearts. If I never spoke about these subjects, could any of you know something of them? I think you would never be able to know. This is certain. No matter how much you can understand or know them, these subjects I am talking about are what man lacks the most and are what man should know the most. These subjects are very important to everyone, and they are the most valuable treasures and are also life, and are things necessary for you to walk the way ahead of you. If you do not have these words as a guide, do not have the knowledge of God’s disposition, and do not have the knowledge of God’s substance, you will always have a question mark against God in your heart. As you know nothing about God, how can you believe in God successfully? As you simply do not know God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, or joy, do not know God’s will, and do not know God’s mind, not knowing what God is thinking about and not knowing over what things God grieves or at what things God rejoices, how can you possibly care for God’s heart?

Whenever God is grieved, what God faces are a group of human beings who simply take no notice of him and are human beings who follow him and claim to love him but who do not pay any attention to any of his feelings. How could his heart not be grieved? In God’s work and management, although God works on and speaks to everyone with sincerity and he is face to face with man without any reserve or hiding at all, on the contrary, everyone who follows him is closed to him, and no one is willing to draw near to him on his own initiative or to know about his heart or pay attention to his feelings on his own initiative, and even those who want to be the “bosom friends of God” also do not want to draw near to him, to care for his heart, or to know about him. When God rejoices or when he is happy, no one shares his joy with him; when God is misunderstood, no one comforts his sorrowful heart; and when his heart feels hurt, no one wants to listen to his pouring out. In the several thousand years of God’s work and management, there has not been anyone who knows about God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy or anyone who understands or feels God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy, much less anyone who keeps God company sharing his pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy with him. God is lonely, God is lonely! God is lonely not only because corrupt mankind stands in opposition to him, but even more because those who pursue to be spiritual, pursue to know God, and pursue to understand God and even those who are willing to spend their whole life for him do not know his mind and do not know about his disposition, not knowing about his pleasure, anger, sorrow, or joy.

At the end of the story of Noah, we see that God expressed his heart of that very moment in an “extraordinary way.” This way was very unusual, and it was God establishing a covenant with men. In this way God proclaimed that the destruction of the world by the flood had ended then. Outwardly, the matter of “establishing a covenant” was a very common thing, and it was nothing other than to restrict both parties from breaking the rules in doing things by the words so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the interests of both parties. In form, it was a very common thing, but as far as God’s intention in doing this thing and its significance were concerned, it was a true expression of God’s disposition and God’s mind. If you put aside and neglect this word and if I do not tell you the truth of the matter, then mankind will indeed never know God’s mind in it. In your imagination, when God established the covenant, he might be smiling or he might be looking serious. No matter what most common look God had in man’s imagination, there is no one who can see God’s heart or see God’s sorrow, much less is there anyone who can see God’s loneliness. There was no one who could be trusted by God or was worthy for God to trust to be one to whom God could express his mind and pour out his sorrow, so God had no alternative but to do such an action. Outwardly, God did an easy thing to say good-bye to the former mankind, settle up the past things, and put a perfect end to the destruction of the world by the flood, but he hid his sorrow then deep in the depth of his heart. When God had no one to pour out his heart, he established a covenant with men and told men that he would no more destroy the world with a flood and that when the bow appeared, it was to remind men that there had happened such a thing and warn men not to do evil things. Under a situation in which God was so sorrowful, he did not forget man but still showed such concern for man. Wasn’t that God’s love and selflessness? However, when a man feels pain, what will he think about? Isn’t that the time he needs God most? At such a moment, he always wants to pull God over and let God comfort him. No matter when, God will not let man down, and God will help him to come out of his difficult situation and live in the light. Even though God has been supplying man like this, in man’s heart God is no more than man’s reassurance and comforting agent. When God is sorrowful and when God’s heart is wounded, it is undoubtedly an extravagant desire to God that there is a created being or any man to keep him company or to comfort him. Because man has never paid any attention to God’s feelings, God has never demanded or extravagantly hoped that someone will comfort him; he only expressed his heart in his own way. In man’s eyes, it is nothing for God to undergo some suffering. But when you truly want to know about God and when you can truly realize God’s thoughtful kind intention in doing everything, you will be able to feel God’s greatness and feel God’s selflessness. Although God established the covenant with men with a rainbow, God never told anyone why he had done so and why he had established the covenant, that is, he never told anyone his true mind. This was because no one could understand how deep God’s love is for the mankind he created with his own hands or realize in what agony his heart was when he destroyed mankind. Therefore, even if he had told man his feelings, man could not have borne this “trust.” Being sorrowful, he still continued his next step of work. God always bestows the best aspect and the best things all to man, while he himself endures all sufferings silently. However, God never voices these sufferings openly, but endures them and waits silently. God’s endurance does not mean that he is unfeeling, numb, or at the end of his resources, nor is it a manifestation of being cowardly, but rather, it means that God’s love and substance are originally selfless, and it is a natural expression of his substance and disposition and is also a true reflection of the identity of God—the true Creator.

Speaking of this, some people may misunderstand my meaning: You describe God’s heart in such a detailed and emotional way; do you intend to let man sympathize with God? Do I have such an intent? (No!) The only purpose I want to achieve by speaking these words is so that you will know more about God, knowing about the bits of God, knowing about God’s pleasure, anger, sorrow, and joy, and knowing that God’s substance and God’s disposition are expressed in his work truly and practically and bit by bit and that they are not something described by man with empty words, with letters and doctrines, or by his imaginations. That is to say, God and God’s substance exist practically, and they are not pictures, not imaginations, and not things conceived by man, much less things fabricated by man. Now, have you realized this? If you have, the words I speak today have achieved the result.

Today we have talked about three subjects. I think that everyone has gained a great deal in the fellowship about these three subjects. I can say with certainty that the mind of God I have told about or the disposition and substance of God I have spoken about in these three subjects have overturned people’s imagination about and knowledge of God, even overturned all people’s belief in God, and all the more overturned the image of the god admired by everyone in his heart. Anyway, I hope that the dispositions of God you have known from the verses of these three parts are all helpful to you, and I also hope that you will ponder over them again carefully after you go back. That’s all for today. See you again!

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The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.








Knowing the Three Stages of God’s Work Is the Path to Knowing God


“Why this continual reference to the three stages of work? The passing of the ages, social development, and the changing face of nature all follow alterations in the three stages of work. Mankind changes in time with the work of God, and does not develop by itself.”

From <The Word Appears in the Flesh>

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[Almighty God][Eastern Lightning][The Church of Almighty God]

Eastern Lightning | The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—Almighty God, Christ of the last days in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s word, you will see that God has appeared.

He was a leader of a house church in China. For many years, he had been exploring the mystery of the “Triune God”: What’s the relationship between the three Spirits, the Holy Father, the Holy Son, and the Holy Spirit? What’s the difference of them? The Bible says that there is only one Spirit. If there is only one Spirit, why is it said that there are three? If there are three Spirits, how can they be one? One day, the words expressed by God who reappeared finally unlocked the mystery of the “Triune God,” which had puzzled him many years and puzzled the religious world for two thousand years….






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