There Are Actually Principles for Making Offerings to God


Li Hui

Because of some trouble at home, in 1997 I began to believe in the Lord Jesus. Afterward, through practicing the Lord’s words, there was no longer any arguing at home. The Lord saved my family, saved me from my pain and gave me hope in life.

Offerings to God

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I remember the first time I went to a meeting at a church. The pastor read chapter 12, verses 1 to 8 from the Gospel of John, and he preached about Mary anointing the Lord Jesus with perfumed oil, as well as the offering made by the poor widow and, after I’d heard these stories, I felt very moved. The pastor said to us: “Brothers and sisters, in our belief in the Lord, we must be like Mary and the poor widow, and we must make more offerings to the Lord. Continue reading “There Are Actually Principles for Making Offerings to God”

God’s Word | Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination

I have done much work among you and, of course, have spoken a number of utterances as well. Yet I cannot help feeling that My words and My work have not entirely fulfilled the purpose of My work in the last days. For in the last days, My work is not for the sake of a certain person or certain people, but to demonstrate My inherent disposition. Yet for a myriad of reasons—perhaps a scarcity of time or hectic work schedule—people have not gained any knowledge of Me from My disposition. Continue reading “God’s Word | Prepare Sufficient Good Deeds for Your Destination”

Establishing a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife: She Knows the Way (Audio Essay)

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By Wang Ran, Singapore

Editor’s Note: Dear brothers and sisters, may you share in the Lord’s inner peace. Every single person hopes for a happy, fulfilling marriage, but real life is never as one would wish. Frequent disagreements occur between husbands and wives due to differences in personal views, preferences, and habits, leading to arguments or even becoming enemies, becoming estranged. This causes both of them to live in pain. How married couples can interact harmoniously with each other has become an important issue for many people. The story we have to share with you today is about how Wang Ran and her husband achieved this. I hope it’s helpful for everyone. Continue reading “Establishing a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife: She Knows the Way (Audio Essay)”

Eastern Lightning | Concerning God’s Use of Man

Almighty God says:” No one is capable of living independently except for those who are given special direction and guidance by the Holy Spirit, for they require the ministry and shepherding of those who are used by God. Thus, in each age God raises up different people who rush and busy about shepherding the churches for the sake of His work. Which is to say, God’s work must be done through those whom He looks favorably upon and approves of; the Holy Spirit must use the part within them that is worthy of use in order to work, and they are made fit for use by God through being made perfect by the Holy Spirit. Because man’s ability to understand is too lacking, he must be shepherded by those who are used by God; Continue reading “Eastern Lightning | Concerning God’s Use of Man”

Almighty God’s Word | The Path … (8)

When God comes to the earth to mingle with mankind, to live with them, it is not just for one or two days. Maybe in all this time people have more or less known God, and maybe they have gained significant insights of serving God, and are very seasoned in their belief in God. Whatever the case is, people pretty much understand God’s disposition, and the expressions of all sorts of human dispositions are really varied. The way I see it, people’s various expressions are adequate for God to use as specimens, and their mental activities are adequate for Him to reference. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word | The Path … (8)”

Almighty God’s Word—What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold

What is it that man has received since he first believed in God? What have you known about God? How much have you changed because of your belief in God? Now you all know that man’s belief in God is not solely for salvation of the soul and welfare of the flesh, nor is it to enrich his life through love of God, and so on. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word—What Viewpoint Believers Ought to Hold”