Love Never Fails | Xiaozhen’s Story | Musical Drama


Genre:Musical Drama

Plot Keywords:The Church of Almighty God, musical drama, salvation, confusion, emptiness, corruption, mask, degeneration, life in the ballroom

Release Date: Jan 4, 2016


Xiaozhen used to be a pure, kind-hearted Christian, who always treated her friends sincerely. However, when it was to their benefit, her former friends became her enemies. After suffering this tragedy, Xiaozhen was forced to abandon her true heart and her former principles. She began to betray her own good conscience and good spirit, and wallowed in the mire of the evil world. … As she fell from grace and walked a path of depravity, she was trampled by the world and became riddled with scars and bruises. She had reached a dead end, and at her point of despair when she had given up all hope, Almighty God’s sincere call finally awakened Xiaozhen’s heart and spirit … Continue reading “Love Never Fails | Xiaozhen’s Story | Musical Drama”

Italian Festival of Religions: All Must Defend Religious Freedom

On April 5, 2019 Mondoreligioni, an Italian festival of religions now in its second edition, was held in Rome, drawing representatives of religious groups from a number of countries to have exchanges by displaying religious literature and artwork, creative performances, and so on. The festival’s organizers, Italy’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Vice-President of the European Parliament, attended the event to deliver speeches. Christians with The Church of Almighty God (CAG) were also invited to attend.
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Lifting the Veil: The Truth About the Evil Chinese Communist Party’s Show Trial

On August 21, 2014, the public trial for the May 28 Zhaoyuan Murder Case was held in Yantai, Shandong. In an article published on the Internet about the case, “Zhaoyuan Murder Case Defendants Confess in Court: I am God,” presented a relatively objective, thorough, and detailed report of the defendants’ confessions. But in the CCTV News 1+1 report titled “Almighty God, How Is He ‘God’?”, they passed off fraudulent information as real information, insisting that the psychotic perpetrators from the Zhaoyuan Murder Case were members of the Church of Almighty God.

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I Am Following in the Footsteps of the Lamb

Shen Ai, Singapore

When I was 18 years old my mother got ill, and so she started believing in the Lord Jesus. At the time, I knew the Lord Jesus’ name but didn’t understand anything about faith in the Lord. It was quite a coincidence that I later went to work for a company where most of the employees were Christians. Through interacting with them, I saw how they treated people with love and patience, and I came to believe that Christians were a pretty good bunch of people. During that period, there was a colleague who often told me the story about how the Lord Jesus was nailed to the cross in order to redeem mankind. I gradually developed an interest in faith in the Lord, and started going with my colleagues to their church to worship. The first time I entered the church and heard hymns praising God being sung I was unexpectedly moved to tears by the Lord’s love. I prayed to the Lord like this: “Oh, Lord Jesus! Thank You for picking me out of the vast ocean of humanity to become one of Your daughters. I wish to follow You forever….” During that period, whenever I met some difficulties in my daily life, or was mocked by my friends and relatives because of my faith in the Lord, as long as I came in front of the Lord and prayed, my spirit would find immense release. I felt that the Lord Jesus was my only reliance in life and that I would never leave the Lord’s side. At that time my favorite hymn was: “Rock, rock, Jesus Christ! Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven, only You are the savior. You are the mediator, You are the son of God, You are the lamb. You are the way and the truth, You are the life, You are the light, You are the rock, the fortress, the city of refuge and the shield. We belong to You; we will never be shaken from generation to generation.” And this is how I relied on the Lord’s great power and motivation gained from the guidance of the Lord’s words to get through all the difficulties and troubles of life. Continue reading “I Am Following in the Footsteps of the Lamb”

Christian Crosstalk | “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” | Truth of the CCP Controlling Christians

In the name of public safety, the Chinese Communist Party installs electronic eyes everywhere, the true purpose of which is to use high-tech methods to attack dissent and persecute religious believers. Christians face serious challenges trying to survive under such intense surveillance. The crosstalk Electronic Eyes All Over the City uses a humorous and vivid two-person performance to reveal the evil truth of how the CCP uses its electronic eyes to control Christians, as well as the dark inner secrets of the CCP’s persecution of religion … Continue reading “Christian Crosstalk | “Electronic Eyes All Over the City” | Truth of the CCP Controlling Christians”