Gospel Movie Clip (2) – How Christians Strike Back at the CCP’s Atheist Brainwashing

Gospel Movies—How Christians Strike Back at the CCP’s Atheist Brainwashing


In order to force Christians into turning their backs on God and giving up their faith, the CCP has not only enticed Christians with fame and status, but they have brainwashed them with atheism, materialism, evolutionism, and scientific knowledge. So how have Christians responded to the CCP’s brainwashing and conversion? Why do they so obstinately continue to pursue the path of believing in God and following God? This wonderful short video has been prepared for you to answer these questions.

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The CCP Has Reached Tremendous Heights in Vying With God—Exposing the Secrets of the CCP’s “Hundred Days Battle”


The “May 28 Shandong Zhaoyuan Case” had occurred a mere three days before the CCP used the media to fervently gain influence. They used this matter to frame the Church of Almighty God and shifted the blame onto them. On June 16, the Central Leading Group on Dealing With Heretical Religions (The 610 Office) urgently convened a video and phone conference over the whole country, and deployed a special task for dealing with the Church of Almighty God. At this meeting, the CCP brought up the suppression of the Church of Almighty God as a political mission of “utmost urgency, arduous labor and great importance.” Continue reading “The CCP Has Reached Tremendous Heights in Vying With God—Exposing the Secrets of the CCP’s “Hundred Days Battle””

Christian Testimony | The Riches of Life

<highlight>The Riches of Life</highlight>

 By Wang Jun, Shandong Province

The years since my wife and I accepted the work of Almighty God in the last days have been spent under the oppression of the CCP. During this time, although I have had weaknesses, pain, and tears, I have gained a great deal from experiencing the persecution of the CCP. These bitter experiences have not only made me clearly see CCP’s reactionary, evil satanic nature and its ugly countenance, but I have also known my own corrupt essence. It has also allowed me to experience God’s almightiness and wisdom. I have truly experienced and recognized the actual significance of God utilizing the CCP as a foil, and my confidence in following God has become firmer and firmer.

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It Is Almighty God Who Has Saved Me



Wu Xiangtao

Luoyang City, Henan Province

My name is Wu Xiangtao, and I was formerly in the Third Redemption sect (whose founder is Ji Sanbao). Because my stomach trouble was healed after I believed in God, I thanked “God,” Ji Sanbao, in my heart and resolved to repay the love of “God.” Over those four years, I had worked for “God” wholeheartedly regardless of others’ rumors and gossips, and I became the leader of two hundred and fifty people. Continue reading “It Is Almighty God Who Has Saved Me”

A Letter From a Recovered Cancer Patient to Her Sister

Little Sister:

Hello! I got your letter a few days ago and it made me really happy. We haven’t been in contact for a long time, so now that I know you’re all well and that you’re living the proper church life, my mind can rest easy. You asked why I hadn’t been in touch with you for such a long time; you must surely have been worried that something had happened to me, right? Actually, I’ve been going through a trial of illness during this time, and the doctor gave me a death sentence. But I miraculously survived under the guidance of God’s words, and now I’m completely fine. You probably want to know how God guided me through this trial of illness, don’t you? Let me take you through everything that’s happened.

A Letter From a Recovered Cancer Patient to Her Sister

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Returning to Life From the Brink of Death

By Yang Mei, China

In 2007 I suddenly fell ill with chronic renal failure. On being told the news, my Christian mother and sister-in-law, and some Catholic friends all came to visit me to preach the gospel to me. They all told me that I only had to go to God and my illness would be cured. But I didn’t believe in God at all. I thought that illness could only be cured through scientific medical treatment, and that any disease that couldn’t be cured by science was incurable. After all, was there any power on earth greater than the power of science? Faith in God was just a form of psychological crutch, and I was an upstanding state school teacher, a person who was educated and cultured, so there was no way I’d start believing in God. Continue reading “Returning to Life From the Brink of Death”