Christian Testimonies | I Found the True Light (Audio Essay)


I was born in a Catholic family. Since I was little, I attended Mass at church with my grandparents. Due to the influence of my environment and my belief in God, I learned to chant many different scriptures and practice various rituals.In 2009, I arrived in Japan to study. One time, in a fellow student’s dorm room, I met by chance a Christian small group leader who had come to spread the gospel. Continue reading “Christian Testimonies | I Found the True Light (Audio Essay)”


Gospel Movie “Waiting” (7) – Almighty God Reveals Mysteries of His 6,000-Year Management Plan

The Lord Jesus revealed the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, and Almighty God came to uncover all mysteries of God’s 6,000-year management of mankind! Can you come to realize that Almighty God is the second coming of the Lord Jesus by looking at the mysteries Almighty God has made known? Watch this movie clip!
      Know more: Most in The Church of Almighty God are people from different sects and denominations who have believed in the Lord for many years.


The Mystery of the “Resurrection of a Dead Man”

The Mystery of the “Resurrection of a Dead Man”
Li Cheng

Brothers and sisters, peace be upon to you! Thank the Lord for His preparations that have allowed us to communicate the truths of the Scripture here. May the Lord guide us. Today, I want to talk to everybody about the topic “resurrection of a dead man.”

As people who believe in the Lord all know, the “resurrection of a dead man” refers to the time when Jesus returns. This is also a situation we as Christians are looking forward to seeing. Now, just how can a “dead man” be resurrected? Many people would think of chapter 37, verses 5-6 in the Book of Ezekiel: “Thus said the Lord Jehovah to these bones; Continue reading “The Mystery of the “Resurrection of a Dead Man””

Christian Life | A Different Experience of Job Seeking (Audio Essay)

<highlight>A Different Experience of Job Seeking</highlight>

In today’s society, there are all different kinds of major enterprises and there seems to be a myriad of employment opportunities, but year after year, college graduates are a dime a dozen. The market of qualified employment candidates is so overcrowded you can’t gain a foothold, so the difficulty of finding employment after graduation has become a very practical problem. For every young person on the cusp of entering society after school, the most headache-inducing issue that they have to face is finding work, particularly at a good company. Continue reading “Christian Life | A Different Experience of Job Seeking (Audio Essay)”

Tribulation Inspired My Love for God


By Meng Yong, Shanxi Province

I am by nature a nice person. In this dark and evil society, I have always been bullied by other people, so I have tasted the coldness of the world of man and felt that my life was empty and without meaning. After I started believing in Almighty God, through reading God’s words and living the church life, I enjoyed an earnestness and joy in my heart I had never felt before. Seeing the brothers and sisters of The Church of Almighty God love each other like a family made me realize that only God is righteous, and that only in The Church of Almighty God is there light. Through several years of personally experiencing Almighty God’s work, I have come to truly appreciate that the words of Almighty God can indeed change people and save people. Continue reading “Tribulation Inspired My Love for God”

Who Was It That Rescued Her Marriage? (Audio Essay)

<highlight>Who Was It That Rescued Her Marriage</highlight>?

She had just turned twenty, she had a graceful figure and appeared as pretty as a flower, and there were many suitors pursuing her. But she didn’t pay this any mind until one day when her friend invited her to come out and she by chance met Lin. Lin was almost 6 feet tall, he was tall and handsome, with a dignified bearing. He spoke with humor and with wit, and was able to attract her in an instant. And Lin too was quite interested in her. Continue reading “Who Was It That Rescued Her Marriage? (Audio Essay)”