Almighty God Is the Returned Jesus


Chapter 1 You Must Know That Almighty God Is the One True God Who Created the Heavens and the Earth and Everything in Them

2. Almighty God Is the Returned Jesus.

Relevant Words of God:

God is incarnated in the Chinese mainland, what the compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan call the inland. When God came from above to the earth, no one in heaven and earth knew about it, for this is the true meaning of God returning in a concealed fashion. He has been in the flesh working and living for a long time, yet no one has known about it. Even to this day, no one recognizes it. Perhaps this will remain an eternal riddle. God’s coming into flesh this time is not something anyone is able to be aware of. No matter how large-scale and powerful the Spirit’s work, God always stays composed, never giving Himself away. One can say that it is as if this stage of His work is taking place in the heavenly realm. Even though it is perfectly obvious to everyone, no one recognizes it. Continue reading “Almighty God Is the Returned Jesus”


Testimony of a Christian: How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair (Part 2) Audio Essay

How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair


Over the next few days, although Jingru had not fallen into Satan’s temptation and she knew that she could never be with Wang Wei, her meeting with Wang Wei that evening and his sincere confession replayed in her mind over and over like a scene in a movie …

When Wang Wei called her again, Jingru’s heart was a bit shaken, and she said to herself: “The two of us cannot get together, but we can still be ordinary friends. So long as I keep my feet so that I don’t do anything that goes too far, then it’ll be fine.” Continue reading “Testimony of a Christian: How She Overcame the Temptation to Have an Affair (Part 2) Audio Essay”

The Secret Tip to Resolving Hatred (Audio Essay)

<highlight>The Secret Tip to Resolving Hatred</highlight>, Christian True Story

Xiao Wu

I was self-employed. Mainly I sold all kinds of textiles, and I also made clothes for my customers part-time. After a few years, my business became more and more popular, and people around me were all very envious. Later, a neighboring household opened the same kind of shop as mine and became my competitor. Naturally, the business in my shop was affected. The popular proverb says two of a trade never agree, but my peer was not just anyone, but my most trusted pupil, Xiaochen. Continue reading “The Secret Tip to Resolving Hatred (Audio Essay)”

Why should mankind believe in God?

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning

The Answer from God’s Word:

God created all things, and so He makes all creation come under His dominion, and submit to His dominion; He will command all things, so that all things are in His hands. All creation of God, including animals, plants, mankind, the mountains and rivers, and the lakes—all must come under His dominion. All things in the skies and on the ground must come under His dominion. They cannot have any choice, and must all submit to His orchestrations. This was decreed by God, and is the authority of God. God commands everything, and orders and ranks all things, with each classed according to kind, and allotted their own position, according to God’s will. No matter how great it is, no thing can surpass God, and all things serve the mankind created by God, and no thing dares to disobey God or make any demands of God. And so man, as a creature of God, must also perform the duty of man. Continue reading “Why should mankind believe in God?”

The Word of the Spirit of God “In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God”

The Word of the Spirit of God “In Your Faith in God You Should Obey God”

Almighty God says, “Key to obeying God is appreciating the new light, and being able to accept it and put it into practice. Only this is true obedience. … Not being satisfied with living amid God’s graces, actively thirsting for the truth, and searching for the truth, and pursuing being gained by God—this is what it means to consciously obey God; this is precisely the kind of faith that God wants.”

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Word of God | “Religious Way of Service Must Be Banned” | How to Serve in the Church to Please God?

Almighty God says, “As of today, God will formally perfect those who have no religious notions, who are ready to set aside their old selves, and who simply obey God, and perfect those who long for the word of God. These people should stand up and serve God. In God there is endless abundance and fathomless wisdom. His amazing work and precious words are there for more people to enjoy. As it stands, these new things cannot be accepted by those with religious notions, those who assume seniority, and those who will not put their old selves aside. The Holy Spirit has no chance to perfect those people. If a person does not have the will to obey, and does not thirst for the word of God, then they will be unable to receive the new things. They will just become more and more rebellious, more and more crafty, and end up on the wrong track. In God’s work now, He will raise up more people who truly love Him and who can accept the new light. And He will completely cut down the religious officials who flaunt their seniority. He does not want a single person who resists change.”
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