Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life

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The way of life is not something that can be possessed by just anyone, nor is it easily obtainable by all. That is because life can only come from God, which is to say, only God Himself possesses the substance of life, there is no way of life without God Himself, and so only God is the source of life, and the ever-flowing wellspring of living water of life. From when He created the world, God has done much work involving the vitality of life, has done much work that brings life to man, and has paid a great price so that man might gain life, for God Himself is eternal life, and God Himself is the way by which man is resurrected. Continue reading “Only Christ of the Last Days Can Give Man the Way of Eternal Life”


The Word of God | The Commandments of the New Age

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You have been told to equip yourselves with the words of God, that regardless of what is arranged for you, all is orchestrated by God’s own hand, and that there is no need for your earnest prayer or supplication—they are useless. Yet in terms of the present situation, the practical problems facing you are unimaginable to you. If you merely await the arrangements of God, your progress will be too slow, and for those who don’t know how to experience there will be much passivity. Continue reading “The Word of God | The Commandments of the New Age”

Almighty God’s word | Work and Entry (2)

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Almighty God‘s word | Work and Entry (2)

Your work and entry are quite poor; man does not place importance on work and is even more careless with entry. Man does not regard these as lessons that they ought to enter into; therefore, in their spiritual experience, virtually all man sees are castles in the sky. Not very much is asked of you in terms of your experience in work, but, as one to be perfected by God, you ought to learn to work for God so that you may soon be after God’s heart. Throughout the ages, those who did work have been called workers or apostles, which refers to a small number of people used by God. Continue reading “Almighty God’s word | Work and Entry (2)”

It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition

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There are many things I hope for you to achieve, yet not all of your actions, not everything about your lives, are able to fulfill what I ask, so I have no choice but to come straight to the point and explain to you My will. Given that your discernment is poor and your appreciation is likewise poor, you are almost utterly ignorant of My disposition and substance—and thus it is a matter of urgency that I inform you about them. No matter how much you previously understood, regardless of whether you wish to understand these issues, I must still explain them to you in detail. Continue reading “It Is Very Important to Understand God’s Disposition”

Almighty God’s words | Three Admonitions

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As a believer in God, you should be loyal to none other than Him in all things and be able to conform with His will in all things. Nevertheless, although everyone understands this doctrine, these truths that are most apparent and basic, as far as man is concerned, cannot fully be seen in him, thanks to his sundry afflictions, such as ignorance, absurdity, and corruption. Therefore, before deciding upon your end, I ought first to tell you a few things, which are of the utmost importance to you. Continue reading “Almighty God’s words | Three Admonitions”

The Word of God | On Destination

Almighty God says, “Whenever destination is mentioned, you treat it with special seriousness; all of you are particularly sensitive regarding this matter. Some people cannot wait to kowtow to God in order to end up with a good destination. I can identify with your eagerness, which doesn’t need to be expressed in words. You absolutely do not want your flesh to fall into disaster, and even more, you do not want to descend into long-lasting punishment in the future. You only hope to live more freely and easily. So you feel particularly anxious whenever destination is mentioned, fearing deeply that if you are not attentive enough, you may offend God and be subject to the deserved retribution. Continue reading “The Word of God | On Destination”