Almighty God’s Word | Practice (1)

In the past, there were a lot of deviations and even absurdities in the ways people experienced. They simply did not understand the standards of God’s requirements, so there were many areas in which people’s experiences went awry. What God requires of man is for them to be able to live out normal humanity. For example, it is all right for people to follow modern conventions with regard to food and clothing, to wear a suit and a tie, to learn a bit about modern art, and in their spare time they can enjoy arts, culture and entertainment. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word | Practice (1)”

God’s Word | The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived

Have you seen what work God will accomplish in this group of people? God said, even in the Millennial Kingdom people must still follow His utterances onward, and in the future God’s utterances will yet directly guide man’s life in the good land of Canaan. When Moses was in the wild, God instructed and spoke to him directly. From heaven God sent food, water and manna for the people to enjoy, and today it is still thus: God has personally sent down things to eat and drink for people to enjoy, and He has personally sent curses to chastise people. Continue reading “God’s Word | The Millennial Kingdom Has Arrived”

Genuine Love for God Is Spontaneous

All people have been subject to refinement because of God’s words. If God had not been incarnated, mankind certainly would not have the blessing of suffering through this refinement. To put it another way, all those who are able to accept the trials of God’s words are blessed. Based on people’s inherent caliber, their behavior, and their attitudes toward God, they are not worthy of receiving this kind of refinement. Continue reading “Genuine Love for God Is Spontaneous”

The Appearance of God Has Ushered in a New Age

God’s six-thousand-year plan of management is coming to an end, and the gate of the kingdom has already been opened to all those who seek His appearance. Dear brothers and sisters, what are you waiting for? What is it that you seek? Are you waiting for God to appear? Are you searching for His footprints? How one yearns for the appearance of God! And how difficult it is to find God’s footprints! Continue reading “The Appearance of God Has Ushered in a New Age”

Almighty God’s Word | You Ought to Consider Your Deeds

Almighty God’s Word | You Ought to Consider Your Deeds

Your every deed and action in life shows that you must be supplied with a passage of My words each day to replenish you, for you are too lacking, and your knowledge and ability to receive too meager. In your daily lives, you live amidst an atmosphere and environment that are without truth or good sense. You lack the capital to survive, and do not have the foundation to know Me or the truth. Your faith is built upon nothing but vague and abstract faith or highly dogmatic knowledge and religious rituals. Continue reading “Almighty God’s Word | You Ought to Consider Your Deeds”

Only Those Who Know the Work of God Today Can Serve God

To bear testimony to God and shame the great red dragon you must have a principle, and a condition: In your heart you must love God, and enter into the words of God. If you do not enter into the words of God, then you will have no way of shaming Satan. Through the growth of your life, you renounce the great red dragon and bring utter humiliation upon it, and only then is the great red dragon truly shamed. Continue reading “Only Those Who Know the Work of God Today Can Serve God”