Christian Testimony | Regenerated in God’s Word

Christian Testimony Regenerated in God’s Word

Christian Testimony | Regenerated in God’s Word

Wang Gang    Shandong Province

I was a peasant. As my family was poor, I kept working everywhere to make money, just wanting to live a better life through my own labor. However, in real life I saw that the lawful rights and interests of a rural worker like me couldn’t be guaranteed at all. My wages were often withheld for no reason. Deceived and exploited by others again and again, I couldn’t get the payment I deserved for a year’s hard work. I felt that the world was too dark! Continue reading “Christian Testimony | Regenerated in God’s Word”


On the Way of Tribulation, God’s Word Encouraged Me

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Chen Hui    Jiangsu Province

I was born in an ordinary family. My father was a soldier. Influenced and nurtured by my father from childhood, I thought in my heart that soldiers should take serving their country and obeying orders as their bounden mission and dedicate themselves selflessly to the Party and the people, and I aimed to become a soldier in the future and walk along my father’s path. However, things that happened later changed my viewpoint of pursuit and way of life little by little. In 1983, I heard Jesus’ gospel. Continue reading “On the Way of Tribulation, God’s Word Encouraged Me”

Christian Testimony | The Dark Prison Life Made Me Love God More Resolutely

Meng Yong    Shanxi Province

I’m honest by nature and always bullied by others. So I tasted all the coldness of the human world and felt life was empty and meaningless. After I believed in Almighty God, through reading God’s word and living the church life, I enjoyed the peace and happiness I had never had and saw that the brothers and sisters in the Church of Almighty God love each other and are close as family members. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | The Dark Prison Life Made Me Love God More Resolutely”

After the Afflictions, I Have a Firmer Love for God


Zhang Ren    Jiangxi Province

My name is Zhang Ren, and I’m a Christian in the Church of Almighty God. Since I began to know things, I saw my parents labor hard in the fields from morning till night every day for making money. Although they exerted much effort, they couldn’t earn much money after one year’s labor. So my family had been living a very poor life. When I saw those influential people live well without needing to labor hard, I envied them from the bottom of my heart. Continue reading “After the Afflictions, I Have a Firmer Love for God”

Christian Testimonies—Pledging My Life to Devotion

By Zhou Xuan, Shandong Province

April 3, 2003 was the most unforgettable day of my life. I went with a sister to preach the gospel to a potential believer. Little did I expect that she had been deceived by the rumors spread by the CCP, and she reported us to the police. As a result, four plain-clothes police came and aggressively forced the two of us into their vehicle and took us to the police station. On the road, my heart was extremely nervous, because there was a pager, a list of names of some of the members from our church, and a notepad in my bag. Continue reading “Christian Testimonies—Pledging My Life to Devotion”

Christian Testimonies—the Blessings of Being Favored


By Wang Gang, Shandong Province

I lived in the countryside. Because my family was poor, I earned money by doing temporary jobs wherever I could find them; I thought that I could make a better life for myself through my physical labor. However, in modern Chinese society, I saw that there were no guarantees for the legal rights of migrant workers like me; my salary was frequently withheld for no reason at all. Continue reading “Christian Testimonies—the Blessings of Being Favored”