Christian Life| The Way to Avoid Being a Slave to Sin

By Christopher, Philippines

My name is Christopher, and I’m a pastor of a house church in the Philippines. In 1987, I was baptized and returned to the Lord Jesus and then by the Lord’s grace, in 1996 I became a pastor in a local church. At that time, I was not only working and preaching in many places around the Philippines, but I was also preaching in places such as Hong Kong and Malaysia. Through the work and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I felt that I had inexhaustible energy in my work for the Lord and endless inspiration for my sermons. I would often offer support to brothers and sisters who were feeling negative and weak. Continue reading “Christian Life| The Way to Avoid Being a Slave to Sin”


Christian Testimony | Resolving Persistent Concerns

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By Max, USA

I was born in the USA in 1994 and my mom and dad were both Chinese. My mother was a typical successful career woman and was very independent and capable. I loved my mom very much. When I started second grade, my parents brought me back to China so I could learn Chinese, and I also began to learn about the Lord Jesus at that time. I remember it was one day in 2004, I got out of class and went home to discover that we had a guest. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | Resolving Persistent Concerns”

Return of Jesus | The Lord Has Appeared in the East

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Testimonies

By Qiu Zhen, China

One day, my sister phoned me and said that she was back from the north and that she had something important to tell me. She asked me to come over right away. I had a feeling about what might have happened and went to my sister’s house after the phone call. As soon as I entered and saw that my sister was reading a book, I felt relieved. My sister saw that I had arrived, suddenly stood up and said: “Sister! This time in the north I got some good news: The Lord Jesus has returned!” Continue reading “Return of Jesus | The Lord Has Appeared in the East”

The Tabernacle of God Is With Men

By Chen Bo, China

Editors’ Note: Many brothers and sisters long for the day when they can be raised up into heaven and can meet the Lord, and this is the greatest dream of everyone who believes in the Lord. But it is prophesied in Revelation: “The tabernacle of God is with men, and he will dwell with them….” This passage of scripture says that the kingdom of God will come on earth, so will we go up to heaven in the future, or will we be reunited with the Lord on earth? We trust you would all like to know the answer to this question. Continue reading “The Tabernacle of God Is With Men”

Christian Testimony | How I Nearly Became a Foolish Virgin

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By Li Fang, China

In the fall of 2002, Sister Zhao from my denomination, the Church of Truth, brought her niece, Sister Wang, to my home to tell me the great news of the coming of the Lord. After a few days of reading the words of Almighty God and listening to the sister’s detailed fellowship, I understood that, from the creation of the world until now, God has performed three stages of work in order to save mankind. Other truths that I also came to know were God’s adoption of a different name during each stage of His work, the significance of God’s name in each age, and the mystery of God’s incarnation, etc. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | How I Nearly Became a Foolish Virgin”

Follow God | Listen! Who Is This Who Speaks?

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By Zhou Li, China

As a church preacher, nothing is more painful than spiritual impoverishment and having nothing to preach. I felt helpless seeing fewer and fewer brothers and sisters coming to meetings, and I came before the Lord many times to pray earnestly and ask the Lord to strengthen brothers and sisters’ faith. But the desolation of the church did not improve at all and even I lived in weakness and negativity …

I was working at home one day when Brother Wang and Brother Lin suddenly appeared, and I happily let them in. Continue reading “Follow God | Listen! Who Is This Who Speaks?”