A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved

A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved

By Lin Qing

After becoming a Christian I always believed that as long as I put everything aside and expended myself for God, did the work of the church well, I didn’t give up my duty or betray God no matter what tribulations or pain I suffered, and could follow Him until the end, I would be someone God would be pleased with. I thought that I could gain God’s salvation and I would be able to remain. So I gave up my family and fleshly enjoyments, and spent every day rushing around, busy in the church. This is how I came to believe that I had already walked the path of salvation by God, and all I had to do was follow Him to the very end. Continue reading “A Bit of Understanding of Being Saved”

God’s Words Have Awakened Me

God’s Words Have Awakened Me

By Miao Xiao

In the past, I used to always think that God’s wordsa puppet and a traitor who flees from the great white throne” were referring to those who accept God’s work in the last days but who then retreat; to me, they were all people who weren’t willing to endure the pain of being judged and chastised. Therefore, whenever I saw brothers and sisters retreat for whatever reason, my heart would be filled with contempt toward them, thinking: “There goes another puppet and traitor fleeing from the great white throne who shall receive God’s punishment!” Each time this happened, I felt I was behaving properly in accepting God’s judgment and was not far from receiving God’s salvation. Continue reading “God’s Words Have Awakened Me”

Christian Testimony | Beating Satan in Battle

By Chang Moyang, Henan Province

The words of Almighty God say: “When you rebel against the flesh, there will inevitably be a battle within you. Satan will try and make people follow it, will try and make them follow the conceptions of the flesh and uphold the interests of the flesh—but God’s words will enlighten and illuminate people within, and at this time it is up to you whether you follow God or follow Satan. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | Beating Satan in Battle”

I Find the Path to Knowing God

By Xiaocao

One day, I saw the following passage of God’s words in the piece “How Peter Came to Know Jesus”: “During the time he followed Jesus, Peter observed and took to heart everything about His life: His actions, words, movements, and expressions. … From his time in contact with Jesus, Peter also saw that His character was different from that of an ordinary man. Continue reading “I Find the Path to Knowing God”

Christian Testimony | I Enjoyed a Rich Banquet

I Enjoyed a Rich Banquet

By Xinwei, Zhejiang Province

On June 25 and 26, 2013, most of the leaders and co-workers here were arrested by the CCP police. Only a few of us escaped unscathed. Faced with the destruction and disturbance caused to the church work by the CCP’s mad arrests and persecution, I made a secret resolution to God: No matter how bad the CCP’s persecution gets or how great the difficulties will befor our future work, I will definitely cooperate with God in earnest, and will get all items of work arranged as soon as possible. Subsequently, we started the hectic work of dealing with the aftermath. And after almost a month of hard work, all the arrangements of work were approaching completion. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | I Enjoyed a Rich Banquet”

Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisees?

Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisee.jpg

By Suxing, Shanxi Province

I am a person with an arrogant and conceited nature who cares too much about position. For many years in my faith, I have been bound by reputation and position and have not been able to free myself from it. Time and time again I have been promoted and then replaced; I have had many setbacks in my position and have had many bumps along the way. After many years of being dealt with and refined, I felt that I was no longer so preoccupied with my position. Continue reading “Why Have I Taken the Path of the Pharisees?”