Closer to God | I Have Come Home (Part 2)

I Have Come Home

The next day, March 12, I felt a kind of indistinct hope and ineffable excitement. This was because I had mostly discussed the “Son of man” with Susan the night before, and had talked about the “incarnation” as well. Even though I could draw a connection between the ‘Son of man’ and the ‘incarnation,’ and could know in theory that the Lord Jesus is none other than the incarnate Christ, I still wanted to know the answers to questions such as what the incarnation truly is, what Christ is, on what basis one could say with certainty that God has become incarnate, and so on. But since Susan and I both had work during the day and were only free in the evening, I just hoped that time would move a bit more quickly. Continue reading “Closer to God | I Have Come Home (Part 2)”


Christian Testimony | I Have Come Home (Part 1)

I Have Come Home

Christian Testimony | I Have Come Home (Part 1)

I have believed in the Lord for more than ten years and served in the church for two years, then left the church to go abroad for work. I have been to many places including Singapore and have earned a lot of money, but in this existence in modern society, where the strong prey on the weak, and where people compete with and scheme against each other, where each person tries to outdo the other in treachery, I have faced innumerable complex interpersonal relations and was always on my guard against others. Continue reading “Christian Testimony | I Have Come Home (Part 1)”

Establishing a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife: She Knows the Way (Audio Essay)

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Hymn

By Wang Ran, Singapore

Editor’s Note: Dear brothers and sisters, may you share in the Lord’s inner peace. Every single person hopes for a happy, fulfilling marriage, but real life is never as one would wish. Frequent disagreements occur between husbands and wives due to differences in personal views, preferences, and habits, leading to arguments or even becoming enemies, becoming estranged. This causes both of them to live in pain. How married couples can interact harmoniously with each other has become an important issue for many people. The story we have to share with you today is about how Wang Ran and her husband achieved this. I hope it’s helpful for everyone. Continue reading “Establishing a Harmonious Relationship Between Husband and Wife: She Knows the Way (Audio Essay)”

On the Way of Tribulation, God’s Word Encouraged Me

On the Way of Tribulation, God’s Word Encouraged Me.jpg

Chen Hui    Jiangsu Province

I was born in an ordinary family. My father was a soldier. Influenced and nurtured by my father from childhood, I thought in my heart that soldiers should take serving their country and obeying orders as their bounden mission and dedicate themselves selflessly to the Party and the people, and I aimed to become a soldier in the future and walk along my father’s path. However, things that happened later changed my viewpoint of pursuit and way of life little by little. In 1983, I heard Jesus’ gospel. Continue reading “On the Way of Tribulation, God’s Word Encouraged Me”

Closer to God | I Was Not Following Peter’s Path

I Was-Not-Following-Peter’s-Path.jpg

Closer to God | I Was Not Following Peter’s Path

By Wuxin, Shanxi Province

Something we have always discussed in previous gatherings is the paths walked by Peter and Paul. It is said that Peter focused on pursuing the truth, knowing himself and God, and his pursuit was approved by God, while Paul only focused on his work, sought reputation and status, he set foot upon the path of the antichrists of the Pharisees, and he was someone God despised. I have always been afraid of walking Paul’s path, which is why I normally often read God’s words, as well as sermons on entering into life, that concern Peter’s experiences, in order to see how he pursued the truth and experienced God’s work. Then I consciously imitate Peter in my practice and entering. Continue reading “Closer to God | I Was Not Following Peter’s Path”

The Transformation of an Only Child

—Only Almighty God Can Save the Degenerate Youth of Today

Bian Hua,    Yunnan Province

I started following Almighty God when I was 19 years old: As soon as I left school I joined The Church of Almighty God. I had had very little to do with society, and didn’t really know much about what was going on in it. But I did know that I totally represented one of the special characteristics of Chinese society in that I was a selfish only child.

Only Almighty God Can Save the Degenerate Youth of Today

As a result of my parents having to be subject to the Chinese government’s policy of population control, I was in the first batch of “achievements.” After I was born, everybody in my family started treating me with the care and protection deserving of a rare and precious treasure. Continue reading “The Transformation of an Only Child”