I See the Path to Knowing God

By xiao cao

I See the Path to Knowing God

One day, I saw the following passage of God’s words in the piece “How Peter Came to Know Jesus”: “During the time he followed Jesus, Peter observed and took to heart everything about His life: His actions, words, movements, and expressions. … From his time in contact with Jesus, Peter also saw that His character was different from that of an ordinary man. He always acted steadily and never with haste, never exaggerated nor underplayed a subject, and He conducted His life in a way that revealed a character which was both normal and admirable. Continue reading “I See the Path to Knowing God”

God’s Word Is My Strength in Life

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By Jingnian, Canada

In the past, I was deeply influenced by China’s traditional values, and made purchasing real estate for my children and grandchildren my life goal. To accomplish this, I devoted myself to learning about automotive repair technology. I also opened a repair garage, and business went very well. At that time in my life, I believed I controlled my own fate, so when my sister-in-law preached the Lord Jesus’ gospel to me, I not only refused to accept it, I actually mocked her, because I felt that I could live just as well without believing in the Lord. However, the good times didn’t last. Continue reading “God’s Word Is My Strength in Life”

Believe in God | Breaking Through Satan’s Tight Encirclement

How Far Are We From Entering the Heavenly Kingdom After Accepting Redemption From the Lord?

Breaking Through Satan’s Tight Encirclement

By Zhao Gang, China

It was bitterly cold this past November in Northeast China, none of the snow that fell to the ground melted away, and many people who walked outside were so cold that they stuffed their hands into their armpits and walked along cautiously, bodies bent over. The other day in the early morning the winds were blowing from the northwest, when I, my brother-in-law and his wife and about a dozen brothers and sisters were sitting in my home on the warm bed. Continue reading “Believe in God | Breaking Through Satan’s Tight Encirclement”

The Fruits of Obeying God

 The Fruits of Obeying GodXie Cheng

A few days ago, my leader Sister Cheng told me that the church had a new work that required some manpower, and asked me whether I’d be willing to do it. Hearing my leader say this, I was beside myself with joy, and I thought: “For three months now, I’ve been reflecting on how I was replaced because my striving for fame and gain in my duties interrupted and disturbed the church’s work. Now, at last, I can perform my duty again! If my brothers and sisters knew this, they’d definitely pay special regard to me, and would think that I’ve made progress by experiencing this failure.” I agreed to do it there and then. After my leader had gone, every day I looked forward to receiving notice of my new duty, but the days went by and no notice arrived. Continue reading “The Fruits of Obeying God”

In Your Experience, How Much Practical Understanding Do You Have of God’s Salvation?

How Much Practical Understanding Do You Have of God’s Salvation


Since I was small, I had always had a strong desire to be better than others. No matter what group of people I was in, I always sought to be the best. While I was still at school, though I had an average mind and my grades weren’t outstanding, I studied very hard so that I wouldn’t fall behind the other students. Teachers praised me for my desire to make progress, and relatives also praised me for being such a diligent student and taking my studies so seriously. I would often feel proud of myself for receiving their praise and getting favorable comments from them, and I considered myself top of my age group. Continue reading “In Your Experience, How Much Practical Understanding Do You Have of God’s Salvation?”

What Does It Mean to Have Humanity?

A Christian is reading God’s words.


Brothers and sisters, peace be with you! The majority of us understand “normal humanity” as, if nothing else but, living harmoniously with others, having a loving heart, tolerance and acceptance for others or being kind and charitable. Now, do you know how we should live out a normal humanity as God requests us to? As Christians, how can we practice and gain entry so that we can live out a genuine humanity in accordance with God’s will? The essay that will be shared today will provide us with a new understanding about this topic. Please listen … Continue reading “What Does It Mean to Have Humanity?”