Hymn | You Are in My Heart


When doing my duty away from home, I think of You, and I pray to You. Through reading Your words, I’ve come to trust You more and my heart is soothed, oh. To bear witness for You, I suffer much pain, and I know even better how lovely You are. Following You, I’ll walk ever on to the end. When You change Your form, we’ll welcome Your return, whoa, we’ll welcome Your return. Continue reading “Hymn | You Are in My Heart”


Best Praise Songs | Time


Best Praise Songs | Time

A lonely soul has traveled from afar, probing the future, seeking the past, toiling arduously, and pursuing a dream. It knows not whence it comes or it goes, born in tears and fading in despair. Though trampled underfoot, it is still holding on. Your coming puts an end to afflicted life adrift. I catch a sight of hope, and welcome the light of dawn. I gaze into the misty distance, I catch a glimpse of Your shape. That is the radiance, the radiance of Your face. Continue reading “Best Praise Songs | Time”

A Hymn of Life Experience | I’m Resolved to Follow God


Holding faith so long,
now I see the light.
Experienced ups and downs,
persecutions and hardships.
Happiness and sorrows,
garment wet with tears.
Countless nights,
stayed awake and prayed.
Rejected by the world; Continue reading “A Hymn of Life Experience | I’m Resolved to Follow God”

Hymn | All God’s People Praise God With All Their Hearts

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Hymn

We have been raptured before God.
We have indescribable joy.
We sing and dance,
praising God’s victorious return.
Dance, brothers and sisters,
dance without reserve.
Purely praise God,
we’ll be welcomed by His smiling face.
Almighty God‘s work is miraculous. Continue reading “Hymn | All God’s People Praise God With All Their Hearts”

Hymn | The Spirit of Peter—The Banner of Victory

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Hymn
The Word appearing in the flesh is God Himself. He’s the real true God in front of our eyes. Before ages He predestined my birth in the last days. He’s conquered and saved, bestowed life on me. I forge this ultimate love with God, spirit of Peter shows in the last days. God’s creative power is limitless, new people He’s made in His image. I resolve to follow the practical God, come what may. I will not rest until I have known God. Unfit to be called human if I can’t suffer for Him. Ashamed if I cannot repay His love.

Continue reading “Hymn | The Spirit of Peter—The Banner of Victory”

Hymn | I Treasure God’s Word

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,hymn
You speak to lead me forward, so now my life bears light. Your chastisement left me fearful, but I didn’t understand Your heart.

Your stern words revealed my nature; I doubted what You said. I hurt You in the process, I’ve been such a fool. Foolish was I, not knowing Your word is life. But because of these truths, I’ve come so far since. Continue reading “Hymn | I Treasure God’s Word”