How Can One Find Happiness? A Retired Physician’s Experience Tells You (Audio Essay)

By Tian Tian, China

At the close of every night, month, and year, careful people will sum up their experience, plan, and set goals for the results in their study and work, so that they can improve in the future. Even more careful people will sum up their experience in their own life, “How did I come pass through at every stage of my life? Does the life I lead now have any significance? Am I truly happy? What should I pursue to find real significance and gain true happiness?” I am a retired physician who previously worked in a hospital, and recently I also summed up my own experience in life. Continue reading “How Can One Find Happiness? A Retired Physician’s Experience Tells You (Audio Essay)”


It Is Almighty God Who Has Saved Me



Wu Xiangtao

Luoyang City, Henan Province

My name is Wu Xiangtao, and I was formerly in the Third Redemption sect (whose founder is Ji Sanbao). Because my stomach trouble was healed after I believed in God, I thanked “God,” Ji Sanbao, in my heart and resolved to repay the love of “God.” Over those four years, I had worked for “God” wholeheartedly regardless of others’ rumors and gossips, and I became the leader of two hundred and fifty people. Continue reading “It Is Almighty God Who Has Saved Me”

Catholic Beliefs: The Lord Really Has Returned

<highlight>Catholic Beliefs: The Lord Really Has Returned</highlight>

My whole family believes in God. I attended mass with my mom from the time I was a little girl and God bestowed so much grace on us—we were full of gratitude toward Him and we were also longing for the Lord’s return. But I never imagined that when the Lord really did return to work and save us, I wouldn’t recognize His work but would instead rely on my arrogant nature and cling to my old notions, nearly missing out on the Lord’s salvation. Every time I think of this I feel self-reproach but I also rejoice. Continue reading “Catholic Beliefs: The Lord Really Has Returned”

The Return of a Prodigal Son

happy days of my childhood

Ruth, United States

I was born in a small town in southern China, and starting from my paternal great-grandmother’s generation, our family has believed in the Lord. Stories from the Biblehymns of worship and ecclesiastical music in the church accompanied me as I passed through the happy days of my childhood. As I started getting older, pressure grew in my studies, and in my heart I started to slowly grow distant from the Lord. However, the Lord never left me, whenever I would call out for Him, He would help me. Continue reading “The Return of a Prodigal Son”

This Is How I Welcomed the Lord

Xiyue, Japan

(Source: Megapixl)

When I was six years old my mother believed in the Lord Jesus, and she would often bring me to church gatherings. I slowly became aware of the fact that man was created by God, that if we are in trouble we should pray to God and rely on God, and that we should thank God for everything. My mother told me: “God loves people, so long as we pray to God and entrust Him with what’s on our mind and truly rely on Him, then He will solve our problems and bestow us with bountiful grace. As long as we truly believe in the Lord then He will come in the future to receive us into the kingdom of heaven!” Listening to mother’s words, my heart felt at peace and free from anxiety, I felt like I had something to rely on, and I firmly believed that one day the Lord Jesus would return to bring us into the kingdom of heaven. I looked forward to and dreamed of the arrival of this day.
Continue reading “This Is How I Welcomed the Lord”

I Have Found a True Home

Yangyang, USA

When I was three years old my father passed away. At that time my mother had just given birth to my younger brother, and my grandmother, owing to superstition, said that it was my mother and younger brother that caused my father’s death. For lack of a better option mother had to take my younger brother to her father’s house to live, so from the start of my earliest memories I was living together with my grandpa and grandma. Although my grandpa and grandma treated me well I still felt lonely and really wanted to be together with my mom and little brother. I hoped for the same kind of motherly love that other kids received. Really, what I was asking for wasn’t much, all I wanted was a true family, a mother who loved me dearly, who I could share my true feelings with. But even this small ask turned into an extravagant hope. I was only able to see my mother on the weekends. Whenever I got into trouble at school mom was never there by side either, I was like a small patch of grass by the side of the road, nobody showed any interest in me. Over time I became very self-abased, I held everything back in my heart and didn’t take initiative to interact with others. When I was sixteen there were some people in my village who were going abroad for work, and the idea tempted me. I thought to myself: My family conditions aren’t very good, if I were to go abroad then I could earn my own living, and even give some of my earnings to my family. That way I could help my family live a little better. Continue reading “I Have Found a True Home”