Spiritual Warfare: Two Months Spent “Imprisoned” by My Husband

By Baituo, South Korea

“My wife, you’d better keep the bank cards. It’s my fault for having blindly believed the CCP’s rumors and for trying to obstruct your belief in God, and even taking the bank cards away from you. Oh, let’s not talk about it anymore. Belief in God is a good thing. You keep on believing in God, and I won’t bother you anymore.” Hearing my husband say this, I kept offering up my thanks and praise to God in my heart. Thinking back over these past two months, if it hadn’t been for God’s guidance, I’d still be living “imprisoned” by my husband …

My Family Believe the Rumors and Try to Stop Me From Attending Meetings


When I was with my brothers and sisters, I felt very relaxed and free
In May 2017, I accepted Almighty God’s work of the last days. Continue reading “Spiritual Warfare: Two Months Spent “Imprisoned” by My Husband”

God’s Word Leads Step by Step to Victory


Yili, USA

I was born in a Chinese Christian family, and my grandmother always used to take me to the church for gatherings and to sing hymns in praise of God when I was young…. After I grew up I obtained some grace of the Lord and experienced some of the Lord’s deeds, and I felt even more that the Lord is trustworthy. The Lord’s love for people is the truest, and the Lord’s word has authority and power and can give people hope. Whenever I would sing hymns, pray to the Lord, and read the word of the Lord, I would feel especially steady and tranquil in my heart. Continue reading “God’s Word Leads Step by Step to Victory”

Is Forgiveness of Sins Gaining the Way of Eternal Life?


By Chenchen

Very early one morning, a ray of sun came through the window blinds and landed on the bamboo plant on my desk. It seemed to glow with vitality in the sun. Finishing up my spiritual devotionals, I turned on my computer and browsed to a gospel website where I happened to see someone had posted a question about if we have gained the way of eternal life on a discussion board. Everyone was really actively and enthusiastically posting their own opinions, of which there were many. Some brothers and sisters said that as long as we’ve accepted the Lord Jesus’ redemption, we have already gained the way of eternal life. Others said that we are always living in sin and cannot keep fast to the Lord’s way, so when living in such a state, is that really gaining the way of eternal life? …
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Knowing the Lord Jesus: Why Did the Lord Jesus Work Amongst Man in an Ordinary Form?

By Li Qian

I am a pastor and I’ve worked and preached for the Lord for many years. Each time I opened up the Bible, I saw the words written in Matthew 13:53–57 which say: “When Jesus had finished these parables, He departed there. And when He was come into His own country, He taught them in their synagogue, so that they were astonished, and said, From where has this man this wisdom, and these mighty works? Is not this the carpenter’s son? Continue reading “Knowing the Lord Jesus: Why Did the Lord Jesus Work Amongst Man in an Ordinary Form?”

The Last Days Are Here: Are You Prepared to Meet God?

Are You Prepared to Meet God?

By Zhou Jing

One day I saw a lively discussion online; people were saying that four blood moons appearing at night in the Western hemisphere is a warning of the end times, and that major earthquakes are becoming more frequent across the entire globe. I thought to myself, “The four blood moons have already happened, celestial phenomena have appeared, disasters are occurring frequently all over the world, terrorist incidents are increasing, wars are constantly breaking out…. All the signs show that the prophecies of the Lord’s return have basically been fulfilled, so why haven’t I seen Him coming down on a cloud to meet us? Is it that the Lord hasn’t returned yet or that He has returned, but I haven’t seen Him? How can I welcome His return?” This confusion wound itself around my heart leaving me baffled. Trying to get some clarity on this issue, I started praying and praying to the Lord, asking for Him to enlighten and guide me so that I’ll be able to welcome His return and not be cast out by Him.
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Why Does God Allow Christians to Suffer?

The Church of Almighty God,Eastern Lightning,Christians to Suffer

By Li Tong

Many Christians feel confused: God is love and He is almighty, so why does He allow us to suffer? Could it be that He has abandoned us? This question always used to puzzle me, but lately, through prayer and seeking, I’ve gained a bit of enlightenment and light. This has resolved my misunderstandings of God, and I’ve come to understand that suffering is not God casting us aside, but instead is very carefully arranged by God in order to purify and save us. These trials and refinement are God’s greatest grace for us!
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