The Word of God | The Second Utterance

The Philadelphia church has taken shape, and this has been entirely due to the grace and mercy of God. The saints have brought forth their love for God and never wavered from their spiritual path. They are firm in the belief that the one true God has become flesh, that He is the Head of the universe who commands all things—this is confirmed by the Holy Spirit and this is borne out by ironclad proof! It can never change!

Oh, Almighty God! Today You have opened our spiritual eyes, allowing the blind to see, the lame to walk, and lepers to be healed. You have opened a heavenly window and we have seen the mysteries of the spiritual world. Your holy words have permeated us, and You have saved us from corrupt humanity brought about by Satan. This is Your great work and Your tremendous mercy. We are witnesses for You!

You have been humble and hidden in silence for a long time. You have undergone resurrection and the suffering of crucifixion; You have known the joys and sorrows of a human life as well as persecution and adversity. You have experienced and tasted the pain of the human world, and You have been forsaken by the age. God incarnate is God Himself. You have saved us from the dunghill for the sake of God’s will and held us up with Your right hand; Your grace has been given to us freely. You make unstinting efforts to work Your life into us; the price You have paid with Your blood, sweat, and tears has been in the saints. We are the subjects of Your painstaking efforts; we are the price You pay.

Oh, Almighty God! It is because of Your love and mercy, Your righteousness and majesty, Your holiness and humility that all people will bow down before You and worship You for all of eternity.

Today You have made complete all churches—the Philadelphia church—which is the realization of Your 6,000-year management plan. The saints can now humbly be obedient in front of You; they are connected to each other in spirit and accompany each other in love. They are connected to the source of the fountain. The living water of life runs ceaselessly and it washes away and purges all the filth and sludge in the church, once again purifying Your temple. We have known the practical true God, walked within His words, recognized our own functions and duties, and done everything that we can to expend ourselves for the church. We should take every moment to be quiet in front of You and heed the work of the Holy Spirit so that Your will is not blocked in us. Among saints there is mutual love, and the strengths of some will compensate for the failings of others. They can walk in the spirit at every moment and gain the enlightenment and illumination of the Holy Spirit. They put the truth into practice immediately after understanding it; they keep up with new light and follow God’s footsteps.

Actively cooperate with God; letting Him take control is to walk with Him. All of our own ideas, notions and opinions, all of our secular entanglements, vanish into thin air like smoke. We let God reign in our spirits, walk with Him and gain transcendence, overcome the world, and our spirits fly free and attain release; these are the outcomes of Almighty God being King. How can we not dance and sing praises, offer up our praises, and offer up new hymns?

There truly are many ways to praise God: calling out His name, drawing near to Him, thinking of Him, pray-reading, having fellowship, contemplation, pondering, prayer, and songs of praise. In these kinds of praise there is enjoyment, and there is anointment; there is power in praise and there is also a burden. There is faith in praise, and there is a new insight.

Actively cooperate with God, serve in coordination and become one, satisfy Almighty God’s will, hasten to become a holy spiritual body, trample on Satan, and end its destiny. The Philadelphia church has been raptured in front of God and manifests itself in the glory of God.



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