I Have Found True Happiness (Audio Essay)

I Have Found True Happiness
I was born into an ordinary farming family. Even though my family was not wealthy, my father and mother loved each other and treated me very well. Our family life was quite abundant and blessed. After I grew up, I told myself: I must find a husband that will treat me well and I must establish a blissful and happy family. This is what is most important. I do not seek riches, I only need to have a loving relationship with my husband and a peaceful family life. Continue reading “I Have Found True Happiness (Audio Essay)”

A Hymn of God’s Words | God’s Creation Should Obey His Authority

God’s a consuming fire
who won’t stand offence.
Man has no right
to interfere or critique
His work and words,
they must obey them,
because man was created by Him.
God is the Lord, the Lord of creation,
using His authority
to reign over His people. Continue reading “A Hymn of God’s Words | God’s Creation Should Obey His Authority”

Gospel Movie Clip “Waiting” (4) – The End of Those Who Resist the Lord’s Second Coming

How can he see the Lord appear yet still refuse to accept the Lord’s second coming? How can he be always waiting and watching for the Lord to come, but at the time of his death leave behind a lifetime of regret? This movie clip will tell you the answers.
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Knock, and the Door Shall Be Opened

seek, and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you

By Qing Ting, China

In 1989, I followed along with my mother in accepting the gospel of the Lord Jesus. After I began to believe in the Lord, through often attending gatherings and reading the Scriptures, I came to know that it was God who created the heaven, the earth, and everything therein, and that He had created mankind, and that it is God who provides everything for mankind. At that time the preacher would often tell us, “No matter how many difficulties there are, as long as we pray to God, God will help us. This is because the Lord said, ‘Ask, and it shall be given you; Continue reading “Knock, and the Door Shall Be Opened”

English Christian Song 2018 “Do You Know God’s Work”


English Christian Song 2018 “Do You Know God’s Work


God’s work in the flesh is not spectacular, nor is it shrouded in mystery. It’s real and actual, like one and one is two; it’s not hidden and there’s no duplicity. All people see is authentic, so is the truth and knowledge they attain. When the work comes to its end, their knowledge of Him will be renewed. And the conceptions of those, who truly seek Him will all be gone. Continue reading “English Christian Song 2018 “Do You Know God’s Work””

How Should I Face It, After Testing Positive for Hepatitis B? (Audio Essay)


I was struck by an illness that came out of nowhere, and in the blink of an eye I had become mired in pain and despair, and I lost all hope for life. Nevertheless, through God’s wonderful salvation, I came to understand that God’s will was behind my illness, and I saw God’s wondrous deeds. Remembering the events of that time, they are as vivid to me now as they were then.God’s wonderful salvation

A few months ago, my boss told us that Xiao Wang, one of my colleagues, had contracted a serious liver condition and had been hospitalized for treatment. The boss went on to say that the illness Xiao Wang had contracted could be transmitted to other people through physical contact, food, drink and bodily fluids. Continue reading “How Should I Face It, After Testing Positive for Hepatitis B? (Audio Essay)”