To Be an Honest Person Is Truly Great!(part two)


One day a customer called saying that she wanted a case of VC products worth over 900 yuan, and I asked her to come to the store to pick it up. It wasn’t until she arrived that I realized we didn’t have the products that she wanted in stock, but I promised that if she waited a few days I would get the products and send them to her. After a few days she called again to ask me about the products and I thought to myself: When a customer asks about products I used to always sell them ones that were about to expire, but now I can no longer tell lies to deceive people. But then I also thought to myself: If I am unable to send these products to her quickly then it’s very likely that I will lose a customer, as well as the money! So what should I do? To send products that were about to expire would be deceiving, and God would not be happy. After hesitating for a while I prayed to God asking Him for guidance, to make me be able to practice the truth, and to make me no longer tell lies to customers. After praying I thought about God’s word where it says: “You ought to know that God likes an honest man” (“Three Admonitions” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “Whenever you do or say anything, you must put your heart right, be righteous, and not be led by your emotions, or act according to your own will. These are the principles by which believers in God conduct themselves” (“How Is Your Relationship With God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). Under the illumination and guidance of God’s words I came to understand God’s demands. He hopes that I can practice the truth and be an honest person, which is the principle that I ought to maintain as I conduct myself. I can feel God by my side examining my every move, and this time I will not disappoint God again, I must tell the truth to this customer. So, I gave the customer a call: “The VC products you asked for haven’t arrived yet, if you need them right away I have a case of VC at home that’s going to expire soon, I can give that to you at a discounted price, if you want them then tomorrow you can come to the shop to check them out.” The next day the customer came to check out the products, and she took them without saying another word. Since I betrayed my flesh and said the truth I felt very at peace and free from anxiety in my heart. After going through this incident I felt very moved in my heart, I saw that so long as I behaved according to God’s word, spoke with customers truthfully according to the facts, and conducted myself as an honest person then I could truly be happy, only then could I obtain true liberation and freedom! Thanks be to God!

Source: (MEGRPIXL)

After this I read God’s word where it says: “Behaving like a normal human being is to speak with coherence. Yes means yes, no means no. Be true to the facts and speak appropriately. Don’t cheat, don’t lie” (“Improving Caliber Is for Receiving God’s Salvation” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). I also read the fellowship from the above, which said: “To conduct yourself as an honest person there are three principles: One, you must be a sincere person; two, do not resort to tricks; three, do not be treacherous. If you do these three things then you will be an honest person. To be a sincere person is to be upright and honest and to speak honestly and act sincerely, where one is one and two is two” (Sermons and Fellowship From the Above). The word of God and man’s fellowship showed me the path for how to be an honest man. Regardless of whether it is in our daily life or our work life or when we’re associating with other people, we need to always say what we mean and think and act as one, to not deceive others, to not tell lies, and to have one be one and two be two. These are the things that God demands people with normal humanity possess. So I made a resolution then and there, from that point forward, regardless of whether I was in the presence of brothers or sisters or my customers, I was going to live by relying on the word of God, practice being an upright and honest person and accept God’s observation.

One day I ran into a customer and she said to me: “Miss Wu, my skin is so dry, the products I’ve been using for a while haven’t changed anything, I heard that the products you put together are better at improving skin, can you please give me a set of high quality products? Money is not an issue.” When I heard her say this I thought to myself: A set of high quality products priced at 4,000-5,000 yuan could make me a profit of over 1,000 yuan, but if I put together a set of products suitable for her skin it would just cost 1,000-something yuan, and I would just make a profit of around 400 yuan. Just when I wasn’t sure which choice I should make I thought about God’s word where it says: “Today, you are able to satisfy God, in which you are attentive to the smallest detail, you satisfy God in all things, you have a heart that truly loves God, you give your true heart to God, and although there are some things that you can’t understand, you can come before God to rectify your motivations, and seek God’s will, and you do everything needed to satisfy God” (“Only Loving God Is Truly Believing in God” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). “I am righteous, I am faithful, I am the God who examines the innermost heart of man! I will reveal at once who is true and who is false” (“The Forty-fourth Utterance” in The Word Appears in the Flesh). That’s right! God is a righteous and faithful God, He is also a God who examines the innermost heart of man. I must act in accordance with God’s will, I can no longer do things that humiliate God’s name in order to protect my own interests. So, I said to her: “The highest quality products are not suitable for your skin, they will add a greater burden to it, the set that is most suitable to your skin that I would recommend is just over 1,000 yuan, it will start repairing your skin from the foundation, which will gradually make your skin better.” Upon acting in this way my mind felt much more at ease. The customer said to me: “Miss Wu, you’re such a good person, what you say is so honest, I will introduce other customers to come use your products.” I smiled, saying: “It’s not that I’m a good person, it’s just that we should act as honest people, only then will we have peace of mind.” Before long the customer returned to get the products, and she also brought some of her friends to introduce to me, and I put together products for them that were suitable for their skin. Gradually but surely, most customers put more and more trust in me, they all brought cash to me asking me to order them products, so there was no pressure for me to come up with the funds for these transactions. In this way I conducted myself as an honest person, one who truly acted in accordance with God’s demands, and business got better and better. I knew that this was God’s blessing, not only did God bestow material things upon me, more importantly He also taught me how to conduct myself. In the real world it truly is great to conduct myself as an honest person according to the word of God!

I thought back on my past, how I followed the evil trends of Satan for my personal interests and pursued Satan’s life philosophy in a way where “it is better to have a slick tongue than to have strong arms and legs.” I thought that I couldn’t get things done without telling lies, that without telling lies I couldn’t make a lot of money, and as a result I was toyed with by Satan until I lived as neither a man or a beast! I had changed more and more into someone without humanity, someone without a conscience and without reason, I had lost the integrity and dignity that one ought to have when conducting oneself. God was not pleased, I was not trustworthy as a person, every day I was behaving like a thief, in fear that any day I could get in trouble and pulled into a lawsuit by someone. My life was very strenuous and tiring. But God knew that I had been deeply corrupted by Satan, and in order to save me He put me in an environment that would discipline me, with words to lead me and guide me, so that I would be able to see clearly the ugliness of my own corruption, so that I could despise myself and turn toward Him, and practice the truth as an honest person. When I acted in accordance with God’s words, when I conducted myself as an honest person, when I played my part as I conducted my business, I received God’s guidance and blessing. In this experience I saw that it was God’s intention to save me and lead me to the right path of life, where I wouldn’t continue being toyed with by Satan. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for this kind of love and salvation that God has given me. From this point forward, I will certainly conduct myself as an honest person in accordance with the word of God, living as a true person in order to satisfy God and testify to God!

Part one: To Be an Honest Person Is Truly Great!(part one)




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