“Perilous Is the Road to the Heavenly Kingdom” (Gospel Movie Trailer)

Zhong Xin is a preacher at a house church in Mainland China. He has believed in the Lord for many years, and has been suffering capture and persecution of the CCP. He hates the CCP deeply and has already seen clearly that the CCP is a satanic regime treating God as its enemy. In recent years, he has seen that the Chinese Communist government and the religious world have persisted in wildly condemning, capturing, and persecuting the Church of the Eastern Lightning. But the Eastern Lightning not only survives, but also continues to thrive and grow. He thinks it is unbelievable and starts to reflect: Is the Eastern Lightning the appearance and work of the Lord? Zhong Xin also finds that what the CCP and the religious world speak to condemn the Eastern Lightning are all rumors and lies. In order to find out the truth, he leads brothers and sisters to investigate the Eastern Lightning. After the fellowship of the preachers from the Church of Almighty God, most of them firmly believe that the words expressed by Almighty God are the truth and the voice of God. Continue reading ““Perilous Is the Road to the Heavenly Kingdom” (Gospel Movie Trailer)”