Lord Jesus Resurrected (1)

“While the Lord Jesus worked in the flesh, most of His followers could not be completely certain about His identity and His words. When He went to the cross, His followers’ attitude toward Him was watching; from the time He was crucified to the time He was brought into the tomb, men’s attitude toward Him was disappointed, and during this, men in their heart already began to doubt and deny the words the Lord Jesus said when in the flesh; when the Lord Jesus came out of the tomb and appeared to the men one after another, most of those who saw Him with their own eyes or heard the news of His resurrection gradually changed from negating to half-believing. Not until the Lord Jesus asked Thomas to put his hand into His side and He broke the bread and ate it and ate the broiled fish before all the men after His resurrection, did men truly accept the fact that the Lord Jesus was the incarnate Christ. It can be said that the spiritual body with bones and flesh standing before men at that time made everyone feel as if awakening from a dream: This Son of man standing before their eyes is the One who exists from everlasting, He is with form and image and with bones and flesh, He has been eating and living with men for long…. At that time, His existence made men feel it so real and so wonderful, feel so pleased and happy, and also filled with deep feelings. And His reappearing made men truly see His humbleness and feel His being close to men and His being concerned about and reluctant to part from men. The short reunion made men who saw the Lord Jesus feel as if a generation had passed. Their heart was comforted which felt lost, perplexed, confused, uneasy, and worried, was full of yearning, and was numb. Men no longer doubted and was no longer disappointed, because they felt that they had hopes and reliance, and that the Son of man standing before them was their permanent rear guard and eternal strong tower and refuge.”

from A continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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