Lord Jesus Resurrected(2)

“Although the Lord Jesus resurrected, His heart and His work did not leave man. He told man by His appearing that in whatever way He existed, He would accompany man anytime and anywhere, walking with man and being with man, and supply and shepherd man anytime and anywhere, and He would be visible and touchable to man anytime and anywhere, making man no longer feel helpless. The Lord Jesus also wanted man to know that living in this world man was not isolated, man had God’s concern and God’s presence, God was man’s permanent support, God was the dear one of every man who followed Him, with Him as the support man would no longer be alone and no longer be helpless, and those who accepted Him as the sin offering would no longer be bound by sin. These works the Lord Jesus did after His resurrection were very small things in man’s eyes, but in My eyes every one of them was so meaningful and so valuable, and was so important and weighty.

from A continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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