The principle for building the altar

“That is to say, when God began His management plan and formally did His work, He set many decrees for men to observe. These decrees were for men to have a normal human life on earth, which could not do without God or God’s leading. God first told men how to build God’s altar and set up His altar, then told them how to offer sacrifices, and made rules on how to live their life, what they should heed and keep in their life, and what they should do and what they should not do. God made rules for men in everything. He used these regulations, decrees, and principles to regulate men’s conduct and lead men’s life, leading men into God’s laws and to the presence of God’s altar, and leading them to live an orderly, regulated, and moderate life among all things God created for them. God first set some boundaries for men with these simple decrees and principles, so that men could have a normal life of worshiping God and a normal human life on earth. These were some specific contents in God’s beginning His six-thousand-year management plan. These decrees and regulations cover a wide range in content and are the specific items of God’s leading mankind in the Age of Law. They are what the men early in the Age of Law must accept and observe, are the record of the work God did in the Age of Law, and are the testament to God’s leading and guiding all mankind.”

from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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