Mankind Can Never Leave God’s Teaching and Supply

“In these decrees, it can be seen that God’s attitude toward His work, His management, and mankind was serious, conscientious, careful, and responsible. He did the work He wanted to do among mankind exactly according to His steps, and told men what He wanted to tell exactly and unreservedly, causing them to see that they could not leave God’s leading and that what God did and said was so important to them. No matter what men were like in the next age, in a word, God did these simple works in the Age of Law in the beginning. In God’s eyes, men of that age had a very vague and obscure concept of God, the world, and mankind. Even if they had some thoughts and plans in their consciousness, they were not clear and not right. So, mankind could not leave God’s teaching and supply to them. Mankind in the beginning knew nothing, and God had to begin to teach them from the shallowest and most basic principles for their existence and the decrees they must have in their life and work these things into their heart little by little, and through these regulations of words and through these decrees, let them gradually know God, gradually comprehend and understand God’s leading, and have a basic concept of the relationship between God and man. Only after these results were achieved could God do the work little by little that He wanted to do in the future. So, these decrees and God’s work in the Age of Law were the most basic things in God’s work of saving mankind and the initial work in God’s management plan.”

from A Continuation of The Word Appears in the Flesh

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