[The Church of Almighty God] What Is the CCP’s Sinister Intention of Cooking up the Murder in Zhaoyuan?

Recently, the hottest piece of news on the Internet and media is “the Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.” The reason why it’s so hot isn’t that the case itself is a big one but that the truth of the CCP attempting to frame the Church of Almighty God through the case has been exposed, thus causing the public uproar. People of various circles raise a query and criticism on it. The case is full of loopholes and the CCP can’t justify itself. As a result, the case becomes a big joke. Since there are so many lies in it, why does the CCP still fabricate it? What’s the CCP’s sinister intention hidden behind it? How many people can see through the CCP’s true face of being sinister and malicious? Let’s explore these questions together.

After being reported, the case has caused the attention of both China and the West. The sensible men can see that there are too many lies in it. Concerning the case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, people put forward many doubtful points:

First, the murder in Zhaoyuan happened on May 28th, but the police in Zhaoyuan only tweeted about the case simply on the 29th. On the 31st, the police in Zhaoyuan micro-blogged it again and went more into detail than last time, but the names of the murderers were still not mentioned in the report. The victim was beaten to death on the spot and the murderers were arrested on the spot too. Human testimony and material evidence are both available and the case has been broken. Why did the police conceal the criminals’ names? The police explained that they feared it might affect the investigation. The statement is legally untenable. Some netizens who know the law answered the questions, “1. No law forbids making an adult criminal’s name known. 2. If the investigation is affected, the case should be kept confidential. This case isn’t in such situation. 3. If there are many doubts in the case or it’s a minor one, in order to protect the rights and interests of the suspect, his or her name shouldn’t be made known to the public. This case isn’t in such situation.” On the other hand, while the police were dilatory in making the criminals’ names known, the CCTV reported the case swiftly. It’s not difficult to find a serious problem in the CCTV’s news report: The report didn’t investigate the murderers for criminal responsibility but aimed at the Church of Almighty God, and persecution on the Church of Almighty God also began. No wonder some netizens who know the law said, “In a criminal case, a person should be convicted according to his acts but not his thoughts. In three days, the criminal case was turned into a religious incident. The nature of the incident was completely changed. It is unavoidable for people to suspect that the media, with concealed intentions, is making the tendency of public opinion.”

Second, the CCP police said in micro blog that in a fast food restaurant in Zhaoyuan City, Zhang and the other 5 persons quarreled with Wu who dined there. Zhang and the other 5 persons beat Wu, causing her to be injured. Wu died after all rescue measures proved ineffectual. However, an eyewitness in the video broadcast by the CCTV said that Zhang and the other 5 persons failed to get Wu’s phone number, so they beat her to death. The two versions were obviously inconsistent! A netizen exposed that the police were advised by experts to say so. Asking for the phone number unilaterally was said to be having a “quarrel,” and it meant that both sides had a responsibility. “Dying on the spot” was said to be “dying after being rescued.” It meant that the victim didn’t “die on the spot”, so the murderers’ legal responsibility would decrease. Did the police say so deliberately or accidentally? It can be seen that the police and the official media had different versions. It is precisely that “the evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear.” The CCP exposed its habitual practice of cheating to the public eye once again.

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