Poster | Honor and Dishonor


Eastern Lightning, The Church of Almighty God came into being because of the work of the returned Lord Jesus—the end-time Christ, “Almighty God—in China, and it isn’t established by any person. Christ is the truth, the way, and the life. After reading God’s expression, you will see that God has appeared.She is a gospel preacher of the Church of Almighty God. During the stormy course of her thirteen years of preaching the gospel and testifying God, she was driven away, reviled, and beaten by the religious people, and was even sent to prison…. Continue reading “Poster | Honor and Dishonor”

[Almighty God] Overcomer’s Testimony – wakening in the Tribulation of Persecution

Chaotuo    Henan Province

Since I was very young, my parents had often been publicly criticized on the stage, paraded through the streets, and so on because of believing in Jesus. I passed my childhood in the cold eyes and mockeries of the people in the village. In my childhood memories, the brothers and sisters who came to my home were all very kindhearted and genial. I never understood why such good people should be publicly criticized and paraded. In 2001, when I was twenty years old, my whole family accepted the end-time work of Almighty God. Later, I also personally experienced a nightmarish arrest and cruel tortures because of believing in God. Then I finally found the answer and solved the puzzle I had in my mind for years….

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