【EasternLightning】 Breaking News: The CCP Held a High-Profile Open Trial of the Psychopaths


On August 21, the Intermediate People’s Court in Yantai City, Shandong Province held an open trial on the criminals of the “5/28 Murder Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province.” Immediately, the major media successively made detailed reports on the course of the trial. Through the court statements of the criminals headed by Zhang Lidong and the interview by Phoenix TV, we realized all at once: Those who the CCP made so much fuss over and tried publicly in a high-profile way turn out to be a band of psychopaths! Henceforth, the truth of the “5/28 Murder Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” finally comes out!

Next, let’s have a look at these psychopaths’ “performance” through the statements they made on trial and in the interview by Phoenix TV.

First, the CCP’s high-profile open trial on the psychopaths reveals the truth behind the Zhaoyuan Case.

  1. The criminals’ statements on trial
  • Lyu Yingchun’s statements

Lyu Yingchun said, “God is my lifeblood. Without God, I can’t live. I’m willing to spend everything for God. In the end, I find that I’m God Godself.” (On hearing these incoherent and irrelevant words, we know that a psychopath was talking nonsense.)

When she mentioned that she saw the victim Wu, she said, “When I saw this woman, I was sure of my former judgment. That is, she is the evil spirit that attacked me, and to put it correctly, she is a wicked spirit.”

(If one often has a delusion of being harmed, it means that he has an obvious symptom of psychosis.)

She continued, “We both recognized that she was a ‘wicked spirit,’ so we cursed her with words. She not only didn’t listen to us, but on the contrary she attacked us more violently. We saw the chi in her move around her back and belly circle by circle and her belly become swollen. Our spirits felt that her suction and attack were getting stronger, and I felt increasingly weak.”

(These are simply a psychopath’s ravings!)

  • Zhang Fan’s statements

Zhang Fan said, “In the organization of Almighty God, Lyu Yingchun and I hold the highest position. We’re both ‘God Godself.’ My father, my sister, my brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are all ‘chief priests.’”

(She is precisely a psychopath. Her words are really funny and ridiculous.)

Zhang Fan also said, “We both found God’s will. My mother is an ‘evil spirit’ and the ‘king of wicked spirits.’ She practices the working of ‘evil spirit’ on us. If I meet her, I’ll kill her.”

(She even doesn’t recognize her own mother. It does show that she is dreadfully mad!)

2、The criminals’ statements in an interview of Phoenix TV

On the day of the open trial, Zhang Lidong and Zhang Fan received an interview by a reporter from Phoenix TV.

  • Zhang Fan’s statements in her interview by the reporter

Zhang Fan said, “As for some ‘demons’ and ‘devils,’ from their clothes, you can feel something is likely to rush out of their belly. It’s very obvious.” (This delusion is really very horrible. It is terrifying to hear that.)

And she said, “We beat her (the victim Wu) to death, because she was the embodiment of a ‘wicked spirit’ and no longer a common human being. It is when I felt her super strong power that I confirmed that she wasn’t human. She didn’t have humanity or man’s spirit within. She was completely a ‘wicked spirit’ coming to the human world.” (These are truly the morbid thought and even more ravings of a psychopath.)

She also said, “Even if you sentence us to death, we won’t die.” (It’s too funny! The thought of a psychopath is indeed out of the ordinary. She actually considers herself invulnerable.)


2) Zhang Lidong’s statements in his interview by the reporter

Zhang Lidong said, “I only listen to the ‘firstborn sons (which refer to Zhang Fan and Lyu Yingchun).’ Since she is an ‘evil spirit’ and a ‘demon,’ she is God’s enemy and also my enemy.” (On hearing it, it is clear that he is mentally disordered and even acts upon the two psychopaths’ words.)

He also said, “When both of the two ‘firstborn sons’ said she was a ‘demon’ and an ‘evil spirit,’ I decided to do so.” (He has lost his normal thinking and indeed lost his senses.)

From the statements of Lyu Yingchun and the others, it can be fully seen that this gang of criminals spoke incoherently and off the point. They are simply a gang of typical psychopaths. However, as to such an obvious fact, the law enforcement officials in the court had no reaction at all and even put the blame of the psychopaths’ murdering on the Church of Almighty God. Is it because the officials weren’t in the right mind or they deliberately turned a deaf ear to it and harbored another intention? In fact, through the criminals’ statements, the CCP’s conspiracy of framing and suppressing the Church of Almighty God is abundantly clear. Let’s continue to see the criminals’ statements on trial.

Lyu Yingchun said, “Only Zhang Fan and I, that is, the ‘firstborn sons,’ can represent the real ‘Church of Almighty God.’ Zhang Fan and I are the only true spokespersons of ‘Almighty God.’ The government cracks down on Zhao Weishan’s ‘Almighty God’ instead of our ‘Almighty God.’ Theirs is the false ‘Almighty God,’ while ours is the true ‘Almighty God.’”

(They stated clearly that they had nothing to do with the Church of Almighty God which the CCP strongly cracks down on.)

Zhang Fan said, “In the organization of Almighty God, Lyu Yingchun and I hold the highest position. We’re both ‘God Godself.’ My father, my sister, my brother, and Zhang Qiaolian are all ‘chief priests.’ Now I think that only my father, my brother, my sister, Lyu Yingchun, Zhang Qiaolian, and I are true believers in ‘Almighty God.’”

(They claimed that they were the only members of the “Church of Almighty God” and there were no others.)

Besides, when Zhang Fan received an interview by Phoenix TV in the detention house, she said, “At that time, although I believed in ‘Almighty God,’ I never contacted the Church of Almighty God, because they’re very secretive and I couldn’t find them.”

(You see? She even didn’t find the door of the Church of Almighty God. Why did the CCP say they are members of the Church of Almighty God?)

From the above statements, we see that Zhang Lidong and the others are not members of the Church of Almighty God at all and that they have nothing to do with the Church of Almighty God on which the CCP launches a violent crackdown! However, the CCP imputes the blame to the Church of Almighty God. It fully proves that trying the case is the CCP’s cover while its true intention is to condemn and abolish the Church of Almighty God! And this has been a fact and an ironclad proof. Now the CCP has rapidly carried out a special crackdown movement on the Church of Almighty God, wildly arresting members of the Church. Since June, about one thousand Christians in the Church have been arrested, and many others were forced to leave home and wander about. Therefore, the “5/28 Zhaoyuan Murder Case” is a tragedy the CCP created by using the psychopaths, and is a huge conspiracy of the CCP’s launching a large-scale suppression on the Church of Almighty God!

Second, the video of the murder scene reveals the conspiracy of the CCP’s concocting the “Zhaoyuan Murder” single-handedly.

There is one more point that can verify the CCP’s conspiracy. If you pay some attention, you will discover that there is a man in green in the surveillance video of the murder scene of the Zhaoyuan Case. From the moment the murder happened to the time the police tightly controlled the scene, he was wandering leisurely about the scene all along. Anyone with a little legal knowledge knows: In the scene controlled by the police, apart from the first-aid personnel, people without fixed duties are not allowed to enter. However, the man in green could go in and out freely. So it’s enough to conclude that he is an undercover policeman and is the one pulling the strings in this case! This again proves that the murder was planned and created by the CCP itself! This presages its suppressing dissidents and framing the Church of Almighty God. This is also the CCP’s habitual means of suppressing its dissidents over the years: creating a false case, plotting a frame-up, directing the public opinion, and launching a cruel crackdown!

Why did the CCP use a band of psychopaths to create this shocking murder? In fact, the answer is very simple. It is because psychopaths do not have normal sense and are prone to be influenced by the environmental factors and thus get emotionally excited. Once their illness breaks out, they can do anything. The CCP just took advantage of this band of psychopaths to create a murder and frame the Church of Almighty God, so as to achieve its purpose of bloodily suppressing and liquidating its dissidents! Its means is really insidious and malicious to the extreme! More hatefully, after the CCP instigated the murderers to kill people, it pretended to be a righteous one to uphold the so-called “justice.” It ordered its mouthpiece to whip up public opinion, saying that the “5/28 Case in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province” brought a tragedy to a family and should be handled severely and seriously according to the law, and it made a fuss to hold a high-profile public trial. Let me ask you, the CCP: You held such a high-profile public trial of a band of psychopaths; can it show your “heart of loving the people”? Can it show your “ruling the country by law”? This March, to struggle for power, the CCP inner high officials secretly ordered the armed police to disguise themselves as ruffians and rush into Kunming Railway Station with knives to hack at people wildly, which caused a great tragedy of nearly 200 people injured and dead. Then they shifted the blame onto Xinjiangers and thus carried out a violent crackdown on them. Since the CCP enforces the law so impartially, as for such a gang murder that seriously disturbs the social order, why does the CCP only condemn those who committed violence under orders to deceive the people but not hold a high-profile open trial on the puppet masters behind the murder? Isn’t the case of the violent gang injuring and killing nearly 200 people in public bigger than the case of several psychopaths killing one person? Isn’t the violent group that can instigate soldiers to kill people wantonly more horrible than this band of psychopaths? Aren’t the real chief culprits who hold power and can mobilize soldiers to kill people more horrible? Don’t they more endanger the people’s lives and safety? Doesn’t the CCP know clearly about this? In the “6/4 Incident,” large troops of soldiers massacred several thousand innocent students by guns and tanks, bringing tragedies of bereavement to several thousand families. Why the CCP doesn’t hold a public trial of the soldiers who committed murder and the party leader who gave the order to massacre the students? Isn’t the murder that caused several thousand innocent students to die more worthy to be tried publicly in a high-profile way than the case that caused one death? Does the dead woman’s family deserve appeasement but the families of several thousand students who died innocently didn’t? For whom does the CCP hold power? For whom does it enforce the law? Why does it put aside the major and serious cases the Chinese people are most concerned with, but hold a high-profile public trial of an ordinary psychopathic murder? Is this the CCP’s fairness and impartiality? Is this the CCP’s so-called socialist characteristic of “ruling the country by law”? Can it show that the CCP is “great, glorious, and correct”? If the ruling party of a country regards people’s lives as straw and racks brains to create various murders, is there any hope for this country? Can people in this country live and work in peace? Can their safety be guaranteed? Now, Chinese society is chaotic. Such a violent murder as Kunming Railway Station Knife Attack is nothing new. People don’t have any peace, much less a sense of security. As for each Chinese who lives in panic all day long, his prime concern is not how to deal with the psychopaths nor how to severely punish the psychopathic criminals. Instead, they especially expect that the CCP can hold open trials of those major and serious cases, the real arch-criminals of Kunming Railway Station Knife Attack, and the creators of the 6/4 Incident, so as to comfort those innocent dead people and return peace and stability to society. However, why doesn’t the CCP run with the grain of public opinion? Why not listen to the voice of the common people? Have these innocent victims died in vain? Has their blood flowed in vain? Could the prime criminals who brought tragedies to their families go beyond the arm of the law? The CCP, stop that playacting! The public has already seen clearly that the Zhaoyuan Case just foreshadows the evil CCP’s further crackdown on the Church of Almighty God!

Third, look back to the history. The CCP’s murderous devilish nature is abundantly clear.


Now, the Zhaoyuan Murder has already passed but leaves people in heavy introspection: Does the CCP hold power for protecting the people or killing them? In retrospect, the history of the CCP’s ruling is a bloody history of killing. The CCP is the devil that kills without blinking an eye! In the early 1950s, the CCP launched the “Agrarian Movement,” “Suppressing Counter–Revolutionaries,” and the “Movements Against the Three Evils and the Five Evils.” At least twenty million people were branded “landlords, rich peasants, counter-revolutionists, or bad elements.” It was estimated that four million of them were executed according to the report submitted by the CCP’s ex-chief of the Ministry of Public Security Luo Ruiqing. During the mid-1950s, in the Movement of Countering the Rightists launched by the CCP, more than two million people were labelled Rightists and Right-Deviationists, over seventy thousand people were arrested, more than twenty thousand people committed suicide, and over three thousand people died unnaturally or disappeared. From 1959 to 1961, in the three years of man-made calamity caused after the CCP’s policy of the Great Leap Forward failed, over thirty million people across the country died of hunger. In the “Ten Years of Unrest” initiated by the CCP from 1966 to 1976, twenty million people died an unnatural death. In 1989, about 3000 people lost their lives in the 6/4 Incident. Besides, the CCP’s sanguinary repression enforced in Inner Mongolia, Tibet, and Xinjiang, on the excuse of putting down “riots,” caused countless innocent people to be slaughtered…. In face of one bloody tragedy after another, it’s enough to let people see clearly: Since the CCP was in power, it has been killing people. Every movement, launched under the banner of “benefiting the people,” is a slaughter and makes countless innocent people its victims.

The CCP regards man’s life as straw. It is indeed a clique of devils that kill people! Its murderous devilish nature determines that whenever it does a thing, thousands of people will become its victims. Now, the CCP holds a high-profile public trial on the Zhaoyuan Case. Outwardly it seems that it wants to return justice to the victim, but in fact it wants to carry out a larger violent slaughter and thoroughly abolish the Church of Almighty God and all underground churches in China. This is the CCP’s real purpose. Actually we have seen clearly through the fact: It’s not fearful that Zhang Lidong and the other psychopaths killed a person. What is fearful is the puppet master, the CCP violent murder group! Living under the authority of such a murderous evil party, we’re not only communized in personal liberty and possessions, but we’ll be deprived of lives by the CCP and we’ll become ghosts under its blade or prisoners in its prison at any time. This is a fact. For example, the victim in the Zhaoyuan Case never dreamed that she would become a wronged ghost of the CCP when she dined at the restaurant; in the case of Knife Attack at Kunming Railway Station, those innocent people who were injured or dead never expected that they would become the victims of the CCP’s scrambling for power when they waited at the railway station; those believers in God who are hunted really don’t know when they will be imprisoned or killed by the CCP…. As Chinese, we don’t know when a fatal disaster will come upon us. Especially at the time the CCP regime is tottering, the vicious murderous king will kill more people to safeguard its dictatorial regime. Then will the next ghosts be us? We are really worried! This is because the CCP once threatened: The CCP regime is exchanged by thirty million heads; whoever wants to seize it has to pay the price of thirty million heads! The CCP’s policy to run the country, “those who submit will prosper and those who resist shall perish,” is world-famous. Under the suppression of the evil CCP power, who can succeed in resisting the murderous king? Even if one carelessly speaks a word that offends it, a fatal disaster will come upon him. If one rises up to resist it, he will be killed and those who are related to him will get involved and be executed. Its murderous devilish nature is enough to be seen. Under the CCP’s rule, if one resists it, it will kill him; if people of a city rise up to resist it, it will mobilize the army to wreak carnage on them; if people of the whole country rise up to resist it, it will mobilize the troops of the whole country to carry out a nation-wide slaughter…. This murderous king simply commits monstrous crimes which are too numerous to record. It has gone to the extent of being hated both by man and God. From the fact that the disasters in China happen more and more frequently and more and more widely, we can see that the doomsday of the CCP is nearing.

by Xiang Shan

(from China)

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